Imagine Revolution

Today I’m inspired to write by two songs.

I stood in the kitchen cleaning my mothers silver cutlery, when they played a beautiful song on the radio to honor Nelson Mandela, who passed away three days ago, in the age of 95. The Song is called Mandela Day, (click if you want to listen to it while reading, it opens in a new tab)
It  was written in 1988 by the band Simple Minds, when Mandela was in jail for 25 years and in this song they dream of him being free again, a wish which came true 2 years later.
Having this on mind, I dove into the rhythm of the song, its emotion and into the time of revolution.
I saw Martin Luther King raising his fist into the air, in front of my inner eye, I saw streets full of people claiming for their rights by showing love and simple presence.
I just wanted to dive into the crowd, I wanted to be close to them,  feeling united and in harmony – positive collective energy. “I want a revolution.”  “Universe connect me to people who match me” I whispered.

I got ripped out of this imagination flow because the radioman chose most unfitting song to follow. Wracking Ball by Miley Cyrus. I have nothing against her music but it just killed the spiritual atmosphere that the Simple Minds song had built.

Now that I landed back in 2013, I continued musing about the songs inspiration on a lower, mental level.
Energetically and astrologically we have the perfect time for such a peaceful, groundbreaking movement.
And on the energetic level just that is happening. Everything turns upside down, the old falls apart. In a few years nothing will be the same. And not just because I’m an optimistic and positive thinking person, I am sure much will be better. You know it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Yet I wondered why the streets are empty. * It explains to me like the way of communication, having contact to people and gaining information has changed.
Imagine back then. No internet, telephone was expensive and you could never, not then and not now, trust that the newspapers and television told you everything about what was going on in the world and in the hearts of the people.
So what did people do to gain information? They went out into the world and met each other.
Today you get overflood with information. But we are more isolated because of it. We don’t need to get on our feet and move.

Later it came to song two, they played Imagine to remember John Lennon who died today, 33 years ago.
I remembered that in January 2012, my second blog post ever was about this song (would give you a link if that blog would still exist). Imagination from a childlike, free heart is very important for me and my creative processes.
Today this song simply inspired me to share my wish for connection, peaceful movement & revolution 🙂

Love & Light

* I leave out all the little movements that are happening… maybe unfair. Still it’s not something like back then, something that is happening on so many levels – in the music, the personal expression through clothing, etc. and all over the planet.


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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