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The alternative to the title above would be ‘Sadly no Pottery this Week’. I am sick. *sniff* So I couldn’t go to the pottery class today. So no pottery crafts tomorrow, we need to wait till next week. (Therefor last weeks video finally plays with music.)

So. The lovely Srishti invited me to do a Tag which she created herself 🙂 Thank you!
I told her that I surely am not the best for The Bookworm Tag, I’m dyslexic and not thaaat yay about reading. It depends on what it is. If I have no interest then you actually can forget about it, it takes me years till I finished reading and I probably forgot what was said at the beginning of the text. If the text is uplifting, I have no problem.

What ever, let’s get started 🙂
It’s about the emotions that a special book causes in you.

Happy – hmmm… Stories about Heidakhan Babaji! (many books by different authors) I love them ever since I was a kid. I begged my mom to read them as bedtime stories and loved them much more than any children’s book.

Giggly – Gosh… that’s hard… Comics maybe? I cannot remember a book that made me giggly… Oh I do remember a children’s book that I read when I was younger, 10 or so, because it was named (translated) cocoa kiss. That made my little girls heart giggly and excited but then it left me disappointed because they didn’t kiss!

Romantic – Twilight! by Stephenie Meyer. And all the following books of the saga! I loved reading them.

Angry – Sayuri by Carina Bargmann fantastic story but I was absolutely pissed about the ending.

Sad – oh 😀 Srishti we agree here. When I read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks I cried like there was no tomorrow… Think I read another book of his… I can’t remember the title.

Inspired – Atrology For The Soul by Jan Spiller. You learn a lot about yourself. And about astrology. There must be a  free online version, couldn’t find it though…

Motivated – well I’m really motivated to finish the book I started a while ago, just the time is rare. The book is Quantenphilosophy und Interwelt by Ulrich Warnke (as far as I know there is no english version).

Scared – School reading (they gave us awful stuff to read. Not just boring but poorly written as well) I choose books after an inner compass and that actually never leads me to books that cause extreme negative feelings for me.

Pretty – well I read a few Cecelia Ahern books (you know the P.S. I Love You author). I’d rather say that her books are pretty than that they made me feel something incredible.

Fun – The Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn I list them under fun because I read 9 books or so and all in all it is just fun. I started reading them in german and when there where no new translations available, I went on reading english. I should buy a new book… she surely brought out some new. I love how she can write and publish like a machine! The stories maybe always have the same skeleton with new face on but still she writes good.

Adrenaline Rush – The Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek –  so awesome stuff. But I must admit that I didn’t read the two books completely.

Wow I finished it! I even have a book on mind with an unrequested emotion:

Confused –  Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. The story feels like it’s written by a man… But what made me rather confused where a few scenes in the story. It’s not a bad story though. What I must say is that she ‘lands the ship very well’ because it didn’t leave me wondering how it maybe would continue. She didn’t just cut off but created a beautiful ending.

Thanks again Srishti 🙂 Incredible that you created you own tag!

Now as it is supposed to be with tags, I gotta tag somebody. I’d like treespirit to do it 🙂 I’m not sure if she currently has time… but still 🙂

Love and Inspiration!


5 thoughts on “The Bookworm Tag

  1. WoW! Fillandra, I’m so honoured. Thank you very much.
    You are right… I don’t have much time for blogging but I’ll try to post something tonight for “The Bookworm Tag” (what a surreal name, by the way). I’m not sure if I got the concept… I think it goes like this: I need to select books I’ve read according to the emotion/topic provided (Pretty, Fun, Scared, Romantic and so forth), is that correct? And then invite a fellow blogger to do the same. By doing all this I will link it to your blog.
    You did very well, I’m not sure if I can fill all the “emotions” tags.

    Okay… I’ll give it a go. Watch this space! Lol!

    Tree Spirit

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