~ * Pottery Crafts & Vlog * ~

Hi everyone ♥

Welcome to the last pottery post of 2013.

I’ve been quiet for a while and there are two things that you can blame if you missed my posts. I was sick for almost two weeks, it’s still not gone enough to visit my grandma which sucks because I bet her letterbox is more than full and I need to get some things done but well….
The other thing is that I’m in Love 🙂

I thought it would be nice to vlog about the course now that last wednesday was the last official class.
The category link I mention in the video you find below it, as well as a gallery and details about the new pottery crafts.

Pottery category (click)

I finally got to see the bowl I made for my little brother, maybe you remember that he requested it green on the inside, blue on the outside and a horse on it. I was so excited about this because I tryed a new technique and I must say I was disappointed about the result. It didn’t turn out that well.
Therefor my little ancient egyptian jar surprised me positively.

The cup I glazed last wednesday. I felt awful that day. I still felt weak because of my cold and just wanted to be in my warm home and skype :p
I was hoping that it wouldn’t be all to visible on what I did. And I think it looks very good for that.
I picked it up last friday when she did the last firing before her winter break.

As I said in the vlog, I have some unfinished pieces. We will get to see them February next year 🙂

Love and Inspiration

[Completion in 2014 ~ the last pieses: click here]


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