Review ~ Monthly Posts of 2013

Welcome everybody ♥

Back in January I had the idea to post a new header to the beginning of every month. I like the change and you have a date where you can be sure to find a new post on here, because normally I post spontaneously whenever I’m blessed with Inspiration and have time.
Yesterday I looked through the twelve photos and was amazed. From the second picture on I went out in the last week of the month and shot photos just for this purpose. I was moved to see what an inspiration and power it can be to have a blog with so many readers who like what I do. It made me go out every month, collect ideas and make hundreds of pictures. I looked through these hundreds very carefully and chose with Love and care. I wanted these pictures to show my heart so they could reach you and inspire you as much as you inspire me.

2013 was a crazy year. Things changed, so much happened – it blew my mind, I grew, I learned, I lived.
My life is art, it is the energy of creation from an open heart. The dark days made me stronger, the happy moments gave me wings.
The universe gave me Love and home in so many ways.

Another thing is, that this blog is 1 year old now 🙂 I was so sure that it was Dec. 28 but I just looked for the first post and saw it was the 26th :p
I thank you very much for being by my side all through the year ♥ I want to make a vlog on this so I keep it short here. Thank you from the depth of my heart. Sharing art and inspiration with you is so much fun. It means unbelievably much to me.

Lots of Love

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