* ~ Sparkling January ~ Blissful 2014 ~ *

2014  1014  2014  2014  2014  2014 ~ I can’t say it enough, it amazes me sooo 🙂

Welcome ♥

The result of the voting was clear (thanks for your votes):

Continue with the Header routine 4 Votes 44%
Post with a subject requested by readers 3 Votes 33%
Header in black and white 1 Votes 11%
a video (vlog e.g.) 1 Votes 11%
a painting/sketch (not as header) 0 Votes 0%

So here we go and continue with the monthly header routine 🙂 And because the subject requested by readers is the number two, I want to try to unite that. This poll thing is fun, you can vote at the end of the post for the next header’s subject. Please add your idea to it if you don’t like those who are offered already. And if you think the poll thing isn’t that much fun, just post your idea into the comments 😉

Sorry this is the first time, I think, that I let you wait for the header. The energies are so lazy today ^^ and on the other hand I’m so chatty right now. I write too much blah blah I think…

I meant to post a vlog yesterday, but technical problems made it go wrong. I just can’t push such things if it is a mind idea instead of a higher impulse…  no matter much as I want it. I wanted to express my thankfulness for having you by my side all through the challenging year that 2013 was. It is a huge pleasure to write for you ♥ and I look towards an amazing 2014 together with you. There is a lot ahead, we can be excited!

I made the header shot a week ago when I was on tour with my friend Veve and we did one of our just for fun photo shootings. I made it, looked at it and thought ‘this is the one’ so I didn’t go out again.
I think it obviously shows where I live, at least to those who’ve been here before. I was/am shy about revealing my living place but maybe that it a fear worth to step over (other than driving in a roller coaster dear boyfriend). I live in the beautiful Wiesbaden in Germany, since winter 2009. And my header shows one of the 2 fountains in front of the state theatre, illuminated in the dark 🙂
The gallery below shows some more pics from the Kurpark area, inside of the Kurhaus and of Veve and me.

2014, I’m excited for what you will bring. An appointment with the dentist, getting my blood checked and getting a tattoo is what I look up to so far – there are more interesting things ahead, I’m sure. 😉
I’ll let you know. I will be here, I promise 🙂

I wish you an amazing 2014!
Everything will turn out to your best, because universe always wants your best. It’s so easy to forget that when the times get hard and dark, but I promise it’s all for your best. You can take what life offers you, learn, grow, experience. Experience, remember that’s what excistence is about. You experience things, even if they feel overwhelming you always stand above it.
Love ~ Light ~ Peace ~ Bliss ~ Joy ~ Inspiration ~ Creativity ~ Pleasure

Lot’s of Love

Look at the amazing blue of the sky, the water, the light, the architecture… awesome!
© Fillandra



9 thoughts on “* ~ Sparkling January ~ Blissful 2014 ~ *

  1. Your post is filled with excitement! May your 2014 be AWESOME! Keep the creativity rolling. I’ve just participated in the Poll (first time!). 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Fillandra!

    Thank you for sharing the imagaes of Wiesbaden! I have been there, years ago – the city of fountains. Now I am encountering flicks of it everywhere around me. Maybe it is an inner invitation to go and see the city again? Well, time will show, I suppose.

    Much love and all the best for you and your loved ones,

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