“Can we find a Reason?”

The title of this post is the Lenny Kravitz song I’m listening to right now, if you want to listen to my soundtrack while reading this post click here and a youtube video will open (in a new tab).
I love to write while listening to Lenny Kravitz, especially when I work on books (one day I will publish them), because most of his songs fill me with some kind of desire that inspires my writing.

I have been silent throughout january, but not because nothing happened, it rather happened so much that I wouldn’t have known where to start if I had decided to talk about it. I felt and still feel kind of overwhelmed, like a deer in the headlights – not sure what to do.
On the less- and non-physical level there must be huge energetic adjustments going on. I had a phase earlier this month where I had to sleep a lot. I got terribly tired, just out of the blue, and had to lay down in broad daylight. I also avoid to “socialise” at times, because there is © Fillandranothing I could find out there that would build me up – rather the opposite.

On monday the 13th I started the 3 month project of writing morning pages everyday. I write down whatever comes to my mind, right after waking up if possible because then the mind isn’t as busy yet and it is easier to create a free flow. Maybe you know this exercise?
I bought a cute notebook (you can see it on the photo) for this and indeed did it everyday so far. The effect that such things have, is always very fascinating to me. You come to realisations about your inner world and about inspiration for change and transformation of your outer world.

The appointment with the dentist that I mentioned last post is done, and guess what, I have to go there again… Then my guitar course no. 2 started last friday, which will keep me busy practicing the new things we will learn over the next months.
All the other things I mentioned  are still up to do.
One of the urgent points is a job/money… I struggle to get all of grandmas bills and our running costs payed. I had/have the prospect on a job that I would loooove to do, but there is no free place at times and it is disputable that it would bring in enough…
So I’m wondering what can i do? I’m a lightworker/energy worker, I’m in my spiritual process full-time, what will I do when the next shifting episode knocks me off my feet?
What do you do when you don’t fitt into the old system?
Universe will give me an answer…

One more post to come before the new header comes out on february the 1st.

See you soon,
Shine your light 🙂



9 thoughts on ““Can we find a Reason?”

  1. Huge energetic shifts, yes, that’s what I perceived, too. I’ve been a hermit this month, also. Sudden tiredness – yep! Many hours of sleep needed – yes! How to fit in a linear working scheme – no clue! Maybe a work place that allows a more organic flow would be a possibility?

    At least you are not alone with all those symptoms.

    Enjoy your morning pages! 🙂

    Much love,

    • Thanks Steffi (((hug)))
      Great to feel that I’m not alone.

      The work thing is truely complecated… no, rather uninspired… I guess the time is not right for new ideas then, too much things to clear away first? The only thing that helps is to feel deeply rooted into universe, because the mind goes crazy over such things.
      Art, creativity, free things are those that feel best. I’m also thinking about a donate button but that is something to start better after the new moon.
      I wish I had more people, open and like minded creative friends…

      Lots of Love

      • “The only thing that helps is to feel deeply rooted into universe, because the mind goes crazy over such things.”
        Yes, here, too.

        Recently a good friend was asking me how I currently get along in terms of income and stuff like that. My answer was “Gottvertrauen”. (he is a Christian, so I used his “language”)

        I hear you. People are getting there – opening up more and allowing more understanding outside of the box. Yet, sometimes it still seems like we are pioneers and kind of scatterd all over the world.
        (Thank you internet for making it easier to connect.)

        Love to you and lots of faith!

  2. One of my last work was in a shipyard installing electrics and electronics. Commuting was awful. A long car journey then 2 passenger ferries just to get to work. If on overtime I missed my connections and suffered. One day I was “told” (gut feeling) to pack up and leave the shipyard mid day. I did. Saw the sun for the first time in days. It cost me my marriage etc. but I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t listened to that “inner voice”.

    Fill, you are being told to go on the art route of your life. Don’t fight it, do it, there is always a reason. xox

    • Thank you Ralph 🙂

      My life is filled with creativity. If one once reconnected to this natural flow it is everywhere, in every breath. So what ever I do is a beautiful and natural form of art 🙂
      I remind myself that I am young with a lot of experiences ahead and that no one gets lost in the universe anyway. So I don’t get into panic really, which is good for being open to receive inspiration.

      Have a wonderful weekend 😀

      • I can see that you have your head screwed on with such a mature outlook. You’ll definitely get there wherever you are meant to be. I am sure of that. Happy Sunday !! xox

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