Dream awake

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Today the sun was shining and I decided to take a walk. On the last minute I realised that I wouldn’t be able to go on photo tour for the february header tomorrow, so I went back into my room and grabbed my cam.
I let you vote for the topic of the next header and nature is most requested. I hope you don’t change your mind in the last remaining hours of january :p
So I was on the right way, heading to the forest. Right at the beginning of my long tour I came across last years february header location. This year there is no snow, this year everything is different.
2013 on the left and today on the right, see:    (click on one to open the gallery)

Dream awake, that describes the feeling I had walking from one to another location, being very rooted in the moment – walking slowly and conscious, and still a busy thinker, rambling outside of common reality – in the next locations happenings the previous was fading like a daydream… A look over the shoulder, did it really happen?

I walked along a little river, balanced on a mossy tree to cross it, I made a video and visited a tree that I got recommended as a good motif… when I had all my photos I looked up at the sky and wished a spaceship would pick me up and bring me home because I had no motivation to walk anymore after I was out in the cold for over one hour.

Yes you, actually we (me included), can be excited for the next header (on feb. 1st, for those who don’t know about my monthly posts yet).
I haven’t decided which photo I’ll choose for it, but picked out those which aren’t usable in my eyes and those you can see now 🙂 enjoooy ❤

In case you wonder why I was so silent throughout this month, scroll down to the previous post 😉

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