Wooden February

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A desire for freedom and a natural state of being made me ponder…
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Have trust into nature. Trust that things which are, have a right and a reason. You don’t need to change everything right away. A raw and natural state of being might be wild but it is original. And think of it, what does happen to a diamond when it gets cut? Its raw, unique form gets lost – it has to sacrifice a lot of material. The end product is clear, defined as beautiful and worths a shit amount of money in this society. But why hasn’t the raw diamond the right to stay the way it is? It should worth the same. Because there is no such thing as ugly.
It’s just different from what we are used, it is raw, nonstandard, wild, natural. This natural appearance gives humans programmed mind the feeling of (things) being out of control. It is good to escape from this little box that only knows clear, defined, cut diamonds. It’s good to find back to nature. We have to remember that nature is what it is and not that what we cut and define out of it. When we learn to love that again, we learn to love our true selfs again. We get to know us as what we are. Wild, natural and beautifully raw. Original.
It is good to get an order into things, it’s good to analyse so you get to know. And then you have to let go again. It is a dance. A dance of action and observance, of swimming and floating, of creating and receiving inspiration. Let this dance be balanced and of Love.

© Fillandra

I immediately fell in love with this picture when I saw it on my computer screen, which basically is the reason why I chose it at the end, even though the other option appeared more fitting to my logical mind. Let me know your sensation about it 🙂
I recommend my last post, if you haven’t read it yet and want to know more about the photo shooting on last thursday.

Something new, my heart wanted to offer this for longer but I wasn’t ready until now, I made parts of my facebook public so you have another facility to follow my posts and to contact me. But be warned, I’m shy about just adding people, better send me a message. 😉

Don’t lose hope in rough moments, breathe deep and calm – hold your center. Know that your calmness will be your shield in the storm. Wrap yourself in your senses pleasure of uplifting fragrances, soothing cloths, upholding sounds…
Keep it simple, know your truth, know your place, be Love shine your Light. Life is a gift, life is now.
I wish you a wonderful month.
May big wings carry you ♥

With Love


3 thoughts on “Wooden February

  1. Hi Filla!
    This header image is really special as it reminds me of another special photo taken by a special friend. Where there is Light, there is a way.

    Now.. I;m very intrigued by that photo “there must be unicorns”… why did you name that pic like that?
    I’ve just voted… and as my star sign is Aquarius, I voted for Water 🙂

    All the best!!

    • It was an impulse to title it like that. But for me unicorns exist. I worked with the unicorn energy before… lately not really though.
      Not sure if they’d like the place I took the picture of, there is electricity as you can see on the next pic, but maybe they energetically overlayer the picture?

      Pssst, I voted for water too 😉

      • That’s good to know that you too have worked with Unicorn energy. I have a Meditation by Diana Cooper about Unicorns, its very calming and pure.
        Water… Cool!! ;))

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