March ~ the Element of Water

Welcome β™₯

We’re living in times of constant little and sudden big changes… I love that. I love transformation cuz deep inside I know that it wont take away anything that you really need. In other words ~ it frees you.
Big words for this little change πŸ˜‰ I let go of the way I used to title the header posts. For those who wondered what was the meaning behind them, I just intuitively chose an adverb to add it to the month. Deep feeling but no deep thoughts… think I never explained that.

Wonderfully matching to the pisces new moon we have today, the March header is in the element of the water. I love your choice πŸ™‚
I went to the shore of the rhine river, placed myself infront of this branch in the water and caught the moments the waves broke on it. It took me a while to feel into the shots I got to find the right resonance.
Look at it, it takes on my words about transformation. It shows slow/smooth and steady movement, little revolutions as well as the rough bursting out.
Β© Fillandra

I see this in the now as much as in the month(s) ahead.
~ *

I’ve been winding and twisting my mind trying to describe water. It is so much and in everything.
Intuitively I associate it with the words life, power, unity, transformation, emotions, sexuality, clarity… freedom. Water is a free spirit, I sense so deep but free Spirit doesn’t want to be put in words by me tonight.
What is water to you? I’m seriously interested, let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

I wish you a wonderful month full of strength, growth, love ~ love yourself, clarity, easiness…
May big wings carry you!

Next month will be a surprise I feel, so no vote option this time. I don’t know what it will be either, but I sense it πŸ˜‰

Love & Light

P.s. I updated the Writer page.


8 thoughts on “March ~ the Element of Water

  1. I was only just thinking about you and another blogger that I hadn’t seen pop up in my In box for ages. It’s great to see you back. I hope you are okay and full of fun. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

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