Just be

I say this a lot to myself these days. Sometimes it’s not that easy with a mind going crazy. I feel like in a rush, like time is running away and I need to find answers and solve problems quickly.  I know how crazy this is and that it will lead me nowhere but getting rid of this feeling isn’t all that easy…
I focus on inner peace and being centered, I hope that this uncomfortable phase is over soon…

© Fillandra

Such short posts could come more often. I got myself a new phone which has a WordPress app 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Just be

  1. hi Fillandra, your post really helped me, I am having a very uncomfortable phase too ! To focus on “just be” is just what I need 🙂 thankyou and I hope your phase eases soon. I like your idea of short posts, sometimes, too, best wishes,victoria x

    • Thank you so so much for your reply! You touched my heart and reminded me why it is good to share the uncomfortable processes also.
      I wish you lots of sun shine for a blissful BEing. 🙂
      Love, Filla

  2. I hear you, Filla!

    It seems that many people are currently feeling like this. My husband and I seem to be taking turns with that, as well.

    It helps me to be aware that it is really just a feeling trying to attach to something – anything that it can find. And to remember that it usually is not about the situation or topic it attaches to.
    (Hope that makes sense…)

    Joyful beingness and much love,

    • Yes it does 🙂
      I also think that it is a transformation of the self (for me). I grow up, spiritually and mostly of course on a human level. I still have so much influences from the past to let go.
      I’m very busy asking the invisible realms to remove the old energies and patterns or i do it myself…
      I know we’ll get through this and it’s worth it. 🙂

      Much Love

      • I believe your generation is in good company regarding the process of growing up as the whole planet – or at least humanity – is transforming and growing to the next level. (What ever that means…)

        Letting go of old patterns – here, too! 😉

        Yes, we will get through it and possibly have already passed most of the path.

        Somebody very wisely said to me, today:

        “Be aware of the peace in your heart.”

        I noticed that this is an excellent “medicine”.

        So, I say: Happy Awareness!

        Love and light,

  3. Hi Fillandra!
    I have to ask you this please; did you take that photo? It’s magnificent!
    It’s like a shower of rainbow Orbs cascading down the green grass. Never seen anything like that.

    I think one of the best techniques to “Just Be” is to detach ourselves from our goals. That way we find more inner peace and less anxiety and worry. I’m currently working on that bit of my spiritual journey. I wish you strength and courage.

    Love & Light,
    TreeSpirit 🙂

    • Thank you ♥ yes sure all ‘artwork’ is made by me unless otherwise noted 🙂 It’s one of the first pictures I made with my new phone, I love to let the sun ‘rain’ into the image like that.
      It’s like making all these solar flare energies visible.

      You say some true words there. It’s stepping out of all the automatic mechanisms/patterns in our daily life for example. And for sure to stop running after the false carrot that system holds in front of our noses… well as good as one can some would say.

      I wish you lots of strength and inspiration 🙂
      With Love

      • You’re welcome Fill!!
        Congrats on your new phone, keep practising the pics!
        I have a tendency to forget to use my mobile for taking photos. Maybe I’m a bit old school! Lol!

        Anyway… I wish you lots of strength and inspiration too.
        Love & Light

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