Yesterday I wished so much that something joy filled could happen cuz I felt totally unsatisfied with my current situation. I need something to happen, badly! I thought. And not much later a friend who I know for years but never met texted me that she’s not far from me this weekend. So I’m on the train right now, on my way to see her. 🙂 Instant manifestation,  I love it!



I hope you all have a beautiful day!
With Love


9 thoughts on “Traveling

    • Der Tag war echt soo super toll 🙂 ganz gemütlich das erste schöne frühlingshafte Wetter genossen und geplaudert. Mir hat das Gesamtpaket einfach richtig gut getan 🙂
      Hab mich riesig über deine verständnisvollen comments gefreut, vielen Dank ♥

      Alles Liebe

      • Schön, dass Du so einen tollen Tag hattest!

        Ich habe mich auch über Deine schönen Beiträge gefreut, die ich sehr ermutigend fand und gerne Kommentiert. 🙂

        Alles Liebe und gute Nacht,

  1. Great story, and the meeting for the first time an old friend is always something very exciting.
    May your friendship be beautiful always.

    All the best,
    TS 🙂

    • It was so amazing to see her finally, after all we’ve been through together. But it was the whole package, the day was so perfect. Everything went well, though I never ran that much to get trains and buses before lol. Being in a new city and unexpectedly meeting new people… it was out of this (better said my daily) world. 🙂 “Dear universe, more of this fun please” ^^

      Love & Peace

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