Impressions, Thoughts & Progress |Part l

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m in a writing mood today, big time. Very philosophical and colorful thinking. Maybe it’s the full moon.
The text got long so I parted it and will publish it piece by piece in the next days (but no guaranty, just in case). I’m hopping from one to the next topic just like my thoughts jump around…
What I have to say is that I maybe don’t appear as ‘clear’ as you might be used to. I’m shaken by what I’m going through at times, I’m down, basically laying in the mud. But I’m fine… I guess I just have to go through this. So welcome to the dark side of my moon.

First of all a generall thought/realisation.

It’s a time where everything (speaking about worldly happenings and “the system”) seems to lose its sanity.
Don’t be afraid, don’t fear to lose your sanity.
But keep your heart very well.

Saturday last week, as I posted, I was traveling a little and finally met a very good friend of mine. It took me to Darmstadt. The day was plainly amazing. The day before I was basically begging for something to happen, something that would let me feel alive and would give me a break of all. And only a few moments later my friend texted me that she’d be near by so I went on the train the next day. What better way to get out of my “cage” than travelling into an unknown city? I’m a little embarrassed (and just say it out, knowing that it loses its matter then) about being late in things such as going out alone, navigating and stuff, expanding my horizon… at least I think that most people do that much earlier. My mother never pushed me, which is good because it would’ve only damaged me.
However the joy for seeing my friend took the anxiety that I usually feel about a lot, even much lees spectacular things, out of the whole which was a relief.
I hadn’t run that much in a long time, to get trains and busses, but then I was always in flow, perfect timing. My little solar charger kept my phone’s battery alive till I had found my friend. The moment we spoke the first words standing in front of each other… 🙂 and how I realised that the voice sounds slightly different through a phone, that was kinda funny. And in all it was an amazing feeling to just talk. I guess I don’t like technique between me and the people I communicate with, though I’m thankful that it enables communication at all… The relaxed vibe in the house was just wonderful, just what I love cuz the rest was exciting enough.    A funny thing about me is that I can get absolutely thrilled by little details, such as the fact that the busses in Darmstadt have letters instead of numbers, not sure if I ever consciously saw that somewhere. When I was back in Wiesbaden I bought chips and other snacks, shortly before the shops closed, it was late… Then I ended the day with eating my snacks and spreading my joy on the social media 🙂 and sniffing at my hair lol, it smelled like cigarette smoke, traveling joy and adventure.
I loved every single moment of the trip, it was perfect like I wished in my morning pages. The impressions of the city, the crazy amazing house where my friend stayed and the other people who were there.    I’m totally into alternative people. Like every time I see punks when I’m in the city. I feel somehow belonging but still distant, however they make me happy. It’s inspiration.

I randomly made photos with my phone and want to share them now.

in Love and transformation

… as I re- and reread the post till I feel it’s ready I look at this months header same as often. *booom!* I think it never fitted so well. Find my description of it here.


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