⋆ ∞ ⋆100⋆ ∞ ⋆

Hi friends,

How are you? Seriously interested. I’m good. Challenged but well taken care of 🙂 and things move.

I waited longer with this post then I wanted . I regret a little that I mentioned that this would be my hundredth post. Suddenly I felt all these expectations which blocked my creativity and easiness.
Now I find back to my excitement about it. It’s not a big deal I just want to use it to hold on for a moment, celebrate a little, do something different, a little review, and enjoy.

© Transformative Writer

So much changed… and so much is changing again, or still…
When I started this blog I had no clue what exactly  I wanted to do with it. I just missed to publish and get feedback. Writing is one thing, I absolutely love it, but sharing it with others, with the world, with you and giving something I love, is so wonderful.
I had the (name giving) vision of posting only uplifting, fulfilling and inspiring  things. Because negativity is everywhere and a little light can only do good I thought. Though I also posted about my tough times then, I hope I was able to hold this light and make my vision reality.
Especially in the last weeks or months I became aware of how much it means to me to inspire and motivate others. It is my purpose, my passion. As I do self-reflection I learn about others, as I listen to others I learn so much about myself. The whole process is so inspiring and fulfilling. It keeps me alive. And I think it will lead me to great things.

Parallel to the start of my blog I started going deeper into photography. Steadily on the first of every month I uploaded a new header shot. So fascinating to see how I got better and yet in every photo I can see this typically-me-code. At times I don’t feel in the mood for photography. So next month, tomorrow I’ll do something  different with the header. I’m a little unsure but you only know if you try and change is goooood.

2013 was tough, I don’t want to roll it out with all details because I’m sure most of you remember. In short, after 3 years of taking care of my grandma every day, she had something like a stroke. After hospital and rehab it was clear she couldn’t go back to her flat. So household liquidation lots of new challenges. And tons of paperwork which still keeps me busy, it’s kinda my ‘job’ in case you wondered what I do at times.

The second half of last year I was trying to find back to myself then and tested new ways of being creative. The pottery course for example, I shared my experiences with you. Recently I finally finished the last pieces in an extra class so another pottery post will follow.

A pretty fresh thing is what I posted with “Hi, I am.” I decided to drop my artist name. Much more, I’d say now, I let go of the attachment to it. I said I would come up with a new one, but by feeling I decided to officially remain a nameless writer for now. Some might say that’s crazy because you need an identity to have success but this is an art and philosophy blog/project. It doesn’t speak to the mass, but those who need (to read) what I write will find it.
Of course you can name me still, if you want. Actually… anything you like, but respectful.

Until tomorrow,
In Love and Light  🙂

p.s. One more thing I noticed is that I announced or at least mentioned a lot of ideas, posts or other things and didn’t came true to it then. Either the post got lost or I had other technical problems or a lack of inspiration… I apologize for those things I just dropped without explanation.


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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