May ~ Always the same? Change is gooood :)

Hey ya 🙂

Who said I need to write posts sitting at my desk… the kitchen is a nice place, with a cup of earl grey :3

Always the same?

No thanks.

Change is good.

The little things.

Keep order for flow, be conscious to receive inspiration.

Create new. Be courageous!

© Transformative WriterIt wouldn’t be authentic to give you some uninspired photographs. I am courageous and welcome change. Till now I wasn’t quite sure what I would do. Do I take this painting or not? I took it now, it’s from last sunday. Today I painted something else but it wasn’t usable as header. This type of painting is my go with the flow thing at times. You need some kind of strength to paint this way. It was always my most authentic way to paint, but I couldn’t stand that it is so soft and free. I wanted to paint the way it is “done right”… I still can’t. If I ever want to learn something about painting, I have to embrace my nature in it first.
I calmed down inside… about so many things. I’m so much more at peace.
With that, I blissfully paint Now.
These are phases of evolution, inner and outer growth. Let’s see what will grow out of it. 🙂



This is the full/uncropped painting:

© Transformative Writer



Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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