* Pottery Crafts ~ Completion *

Finallyyy ! Hii everyone 🙂

Maybe you remember my pottery course last year? I’ll give you all links at the end of this post.
Wow! It is interesting to read and remember how super excited I was at the beginning of the course. The more time went by the less I was enjoying it, could’t really explain it to myself. But as I read the old posts now I realise how different it was from what I expected, we didn’t work with a potter’s wheel, that disappointed me the most. And non of the lessons was as beautiful and fun as the first one. It became a duty. The very last times this year, to finish the last pieces, where the worst xD even just getting myself to call them…
Something that maybe was a “mistake”of mine is that I crafted things for so many people and not much for myself and our home. I thought in a way that too much material stuff always is a burden for me which is true. So it’s clever to craft something for those I love, but on the other hand I give too much.
Excessive giving is a  false self-confidence in a way.

I don’t regret anything. At the end it was what I went out for. I wanted to explore my creativity, do something new and gain experiences. And that’s what I did. Now I can go on with other new things.
But first I show you the last pieces which I couldn’t finish in the course last winter, so I did it recently.

I love how art creates its self. The artist/creator has only limited influence on the process and the outcome of it. And at least for me, the less I try to gain full control over it (which I can’t get anyway), the more beauty creates itself. I love this and so it was with the bowl I crafted for my dad. I wasn’t happy with it, but the way the glaze turned out – because I forgot to clean off the dust before the firing – is magnificent to me 🙂 it’s the purple-blue-stripes one, photos below.

I’m most happy with the two bowls I made for myself (the very first piece I crafted and the purple/blue one you see below), they look most authentic to me. That’s what made me think about whether I should have been thinking more about myself.
The two little coasters I made do their job so well in the kitchen that I almost forgot them :p
The video! I’m so proud of it 🙂 . You can watch and guess what will turn out at the end, if you haven’t yet. It was hard work to cut it and I had to do this shit twice because the first one got lost. I’m just so happy that it turned out so well again 🙂 ~ watch here ~
Haha and I crafted a mascot for my blog. I can’t believe that I forgot about it because it got buried under the heaps of paperwork on my desk. tss.. Blissful Bird! 🙂

Pottery ~ Hands on Clay = Joy ,the beginning. photos: unglazed 1. bowl
❀ Pottery Crafts ♥  photos: unglazed coasters & finished 1. bowl
Pottery ~ Wings of Cuteness & Passion  photos: unfired blissful bird and egyptian jar & finished coasters
Blissful Bird ~ Pottery Crafts  photos: unglazed jar and unglazed 2. bowl & unglazed but finished bird
Crafting Love ~ Pottery + video  watch and guess what it will become ^^
~ * Pottery Crafts & Vlog * ~  photos: finished egyptian jar, finished 2. bowl & finished answer to the video

Yaaay I’m done with the post 😀 So happy right now. I need to get more structure in my life that includes to create more here ^^ Love Love Loooove


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