Dreamy Days

Hey there 🙂

“I will sit right down, Waiting for the gift of sound and vision” ~ David Bowie, Sound and Vision

I was/am forced to take a break. I got a cold/ summer flu in the most inappropriate time. Not only because the weather is wonderful summerly in Germany,  but also because just two days later from when I got sick I was supposed to start a week of work experience… I don’t really have a chance to get that job at that place anyway but it’s the only thing that interests me at times. I need to find something I can put my heart into, that makes me excited… I want to know what I want.
Slowly I start to wonder if  I knew it already, but ignored that wish for so long that I can’t see it anymore… hey come out, I don’t bite. ._.
Now I lay here and look and feel into what happens in my life,  the new things, the old things… the in between of all.
What is that what is happening there… is it good?  Or is it the wrong direction?  Can it be one of them at all? It’s nearly impossible to determine things… I just can’t stop myself from wondering what all this is trying to teach me. Then again I wonder if there is something at all. My mind going from one side to the other again and again in this endless loops, I discover how flexible reality is – how many perspectives it offers and that’s up to you to choose your point to look out from. All it does is influencing your personal reality which reflects back at you from the mind set, believe system, focus you shine out. There’s no good or bad,  right or wrong. All just is, so just be 🙂
One thing is for sure. Now I have what I always longed for. People. I have friends who value my presence as much as I do value theirs. Who reflect sides from me that I never noticed and make it possible for me to slowly get comfortable to transform and expand my inner world. Not to forget all the joyful things that are way more fun in a duo or group.
The most important of them, my boyfriend 🙂


Have a great weekend (yeah I know it’s Tuesday. But though you never know, I doubt that I’ll post tomorrow ^^)
Much Love


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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