Hi everyone 🙂

“I sneak around the corner […] with a blueprint of my life”  ~ Rainbirds, Blueprint

The last thing you heard of me is that I was having a bad cold and had to cancel the week of work experience I was so excited about.
Well, now a week later, last week, I was able to go for it. Yeah, what more than wow can I say?
© Transformative WriterI loooved it. For something that feels like an eternity I wish I could work there, in my favorite café – the beautiful molino in Wiesbaden. These four days to get an impression were all they could offer me. Still it meant so much to me and I appreciate the chance I got. I did the work with love, had soo much fun and gained so many important experiences and personal growth.
To do, to act, to experience yourself in new situations with new challenges and see you can do it, to be around people without having to match them personally because you don’t go any deeper  than a smile and your service…
Yea I was riding on a wave of excitement and joy that week. I’d love to go on with that job in that café but I have to face that I probably have to move on to a new experience. We all know panta rhei  (Heraclitus), all is in movement and you gotta go with the flow in order to keep growing.
But Universe, you have to give me something even better, even more fun then haha 🙂

Next post, tomorrow 3 pm CEST.

Much Love & Light


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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