>Let’s Come Together ♥ ~ July

Hi everyone ♥

For the first time I don’t bring up the new header with an extra post but unite it with something I’ve written on monday when a flash of inspiration hit me. The idea I had for the header, as you can see it’s a photograph again this time, fits perfectly though, as my generation is mostly build up of crystal children.  Enjoy 🙂
© Transformative Writer
Last weekend was very enlightening for me.
I had so many realisations that I couldn’t even keep them in mind in form of clear words/pictures, though the essence remains of course. I feel more back on track, that’s for sure and it’s a blessing as I had partly massive problems (with myself) the past weeks before.
But today I want to write about a particular thing. I had a deep going conversation with my boyfriend about how we feel.
I began to wonder how my generation, we who bring great unique gifts and are meant to break and change everything which is fucked up about the society/old system, are so overrun and unable to cope the face of the world that we flee into drugs, daydreams, internet/virtual realities and other addictions. To numb our depression, the pain we feel because we don’t fit in. We don’t feel comfortable or even a sense in how the world looks like to us. We don’t know what it all means, what to do, how to change it. And then we just want to leave again. I know that feeling too well.
I literally fight sometimes to feel the sence of my existence. My luck is that I love humans, I love people and mother earth, that can fill me with such fascination. And I remember. I know both sides of the veil and I remember how much I fought, how much I wanted to get this life. I just didn’t know that the cold wind here would freeze my passion from time to time.
And I know I’m not alone. But the next moment the thought of shock “or am I?”. Awful feeling. Those of my generation (and not only them) who are not aware of the fact that we are one big team, they feel like that all the time.
Hey guys, chin up! We are all together in this. ♥
First thing: love yourself  love yourself   love yourself   love yourself   love yourself   love yourself.
Who can if not you? That’s your job. No one can know your needs as good as you. And you deserve to have your needs fulfilled so take good care of yourself.
No one can know your boundaries as good as you. So value them, set them in your best interest – not too tight not too lose. That is a little bit of what real self-love is.
We all bring great gifts. What society attests us as illness (dyslexia, adhs, high sensitivity, etc.), is meant to make sure we don’t work in their apparatus.
Believe me, I know toooo well how awful that feels not to be able to function the way it gets done, to be looked at with this evil gaze, to get these comments – when you give all and still fail. But it’s still a blessing, because we don’t need to fight ourselves out of this shit like the generation before us. We don’t need to worry about that and can concentrate on what we came here for.
We are healers, visionaries, truth-seekers and -tellers, artists, geniuses, philosophers, peacemakers, rebels, lovers…. we all are lovers with a pure heart as soft and sensitive as strong and confident.
Find yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself. There is no reason to hide. We are billions. We are all here and we can create miracles together! Come out, let’s get together! Find your power, let it be a voice of love. Let’s show our true colors. Let’s make the world a better place.

Shift step by step to a more positive outlook and watch your world brighten up 🙂
Have a wonderful month.

Thank you for your support ♥ I’m here if you need someone to listen ♥

In Love & Light
alisha fillandra (the transformative writer)


3 thoughts on “>Let’s Come Together ♥ ~ July

  1. Hi Fillandra!
    So long, I know.
    I love your July photo and as I haven’t been online much I didn’t tell you that.

    I hope life is treating you well and you are feeling optimistic as we are about to enter a new Summer month.

    Sending you Love & Light,
    Tree Spirit 🙂

      • Yeahhhh!!:)) It’s me! Let’s never give up our desires. Life is a lesson but we are good students. Some days are better than others, but we shall persist a little longer.

        Blessings & have a wonderful August! 🙂

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