August ~ Stillness of Summer

Hi people ♡

I didn’t want to leave you without a hello and a blessing to the beginning of August.

Sometimes I wish my creativity would be a steady flow of creation on my blogs.
It is a steady flow, but a free one as well so it flows where it belongs in every moment.
In those moments where I have to remind myself of those things I realize how much I am in my head instead of in the present moment actually.
“Time” is another thing,  I never seem to have enough of it. The day never has enough hours.
But instead of going through my to do’s one by one, with the flow, the really important things first,  I hang around doing nothing – unable because of the double weight of what I put on my shoulders. Yup, it’s completely illusionary in the present moment. Just a product of my wrong used fantasy.
Who else knows that?
But at the end seeking for something to blame for not getting to write is… so human 😀 but useless I guess.
It’s only authentic when it flows naturally, and I go for quality instead of quantity.

As I write this, I’m on the train. Leaving Wiesbaden for the weekend.
As I sat here writing, suddenly the most loving orange golden light of the setting sun fell on me like a blessing. So I jumped up, went to a window with a good view and captured it for you 🙂

I wish you a wonderful month. If everything is going up and down and you don’t know where to place it all in your head, or what is going on at all, remember it’s the chinese year of the house. It promised to be a wild ride, but also that it will be a safe and joyful one if you just stay flexible and allow yourself to be free.
Have a blessed time dear wild hearts ♡♡♡


Much Love and Bliss



3 thoughts on “August ~ Stillness of Summer

  1. Hi Fillandra (Alisha??) 🙂

    You know something? I gave up finding excuses for not being as productive as I wished. Let’s face it: it’s not lack of time, the days have more than enough hours for us to do all we need and wish to do. It’s to do with disposition and motivation. I read what you say and it resonated with me, in this sense.

    Anyway, beautiful photo with the energy of the sun shinning so bright.
    May your August be blessed with warm Peace and dreams come true.

    Tree Spirit 🙂

    • Hello dear TreeSpirit 🙂

      Sorry, it took me a while to answer.
      Yes you’re right. And some things are simply not meant to be done it seems…
      As you know Alisha is my “real name”, sometimes I feel like saying it along 🙂

      Thank you so much for always visiting and supporting me here ♥

      Much Love and Light and a fabulous time 🙂
      Feel hugged ♥

      • You are very welcome Filla Alisha! 🙂
        That’s a great name(s), by the way.

        Just flying by tonight. Have a wonderful positive time no matter what. I’ll do the same!!

        Love & Light,

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