How cleaning your House cleans your Soul :)

Today I woke up with a flash of inspiration. I remembered how I intuitively used to clean up our flat in the time I was still visiting my grandma everyday. It was foreseeable that this time would end soon, and I had grown mentally and emotionally exhausted.
I used to clean up our flat, but not in a way to get the necessary done, instead to refresh one area completely.
We are emotionally bound to our homes, especially if we live there for a longer while.Ā  So by cleaning, decluttering and reordering we can truly refresh and sort our minds and emotional worlds.

I went out of bed immediately and started with ventilating and refreshing my bedding, then I cleaned half of the bathroom (but efficient ^^).
Motivation had left me here and forcing yourself with harsh mind power to go on doesn’t benefit your inner processes so I spent the rest of the day dreaming, writing, dancing and especially learning for the theory test for my driving license.

Ā© Transformative WriterMy Mom did the most of the house hold since I got so much to do at once, with my grandmas paperwork, my home school, my job, the driving school and last but not least my boyfriend with whom I spend every weekend.
This weekend I’ll stay home though, so I’ll have lot’s of time to get myself sorted and to learn for my driving license.
I also feel that I’ll have to cut out some points of my “so much to do”…

Feel free to ask me questions or share your thoughts and stories, in the comments or via e-mail šŸ™‚ ā¤

All the best to you ā¤


7 thoughts on “How cleaning your House cleans your Soul :)

  1. Hi Fillandra!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful flash of inspiration!

    What you are writing resonates strongly with my own experience. It applies in my own flat and it even did when I would do this as a job for other people. I feel, when we are doing things with awareness and an open heart, the everyday tasks can become beautiful meditations. Regarding my work a while ago, I often heard from people that somehow their home did not jut feel cleaner but also somehow clearer and happier.
    In my own home it seems I am doing it quite similarily as you. Sometimes it happens very organized. But often I only do one section really efficiently and leave the rest for later, apart from a few things that we just keep up with, right away (like doing the washing up). Fortunately my husband and I are sharing this task. šŸ˜‰

    Recently we also started to do a regular purely energetical cleaning as we smudge the whole appartement every Sunday, now. That feels great, too, and often seems to make space to also get to the physical cleaning up in the following week with more ease.

    (Thought I do it in English, this time… šŸ˜‰ )

    Much love,

    • Hello Steffi šŸ™‚

      Thanks for your inspiring comment šŸ™‚
      I could imagine doinng this as a job for people too, it just gets payed so pourly :/ …like actually everything that I can see myself doing. Or it isn’t even available on the job market. Here I am without any graduation, as life kicked me out of the old to walk my very own new path and I have no clue how to balance out these two worlds… I wish to meet people who have the same/similar visions and philosophy so we can create together.

      I do energetic house cleaning too but rather half unconsciously when I notice something is uncomfortable… I have huge problem with routines and then doing it freely xD no clue why…

      Much Love

      • That thing with the routines and doing a lot of stuff “for free” by just being who we are while not finding a niche in the job market seems to be a “new energy issue”… I’m finding myself in a similar situation, actually.

        It is a huge transition which is taking place for all. Maybe we all have to work together on this (I mean, all that choose this path). Those, who can still bridge better into the “old system” by supporting us in dealing with the “old energy windows” that still need to be served while we support them in doing our very new part that has no name, yet, to make the transition to the new easier for us, them and everybody who choosed ease and grace. Meanwhile we can all meet in the center and enjoy long conversations (in word and in silence) about the world we are creating together. – My husband and I do it that way, a lot.

        It probably starts with our acceptance for being who we are… šŸ˜‰

        Much LOVE,

      • Accepting who we truely are… this is sinking deeper. You said it a couple of times now and I just found (and did) a guided meditation posted by Louise Hay on facebook, which also speeks about releasing all the expectations and worries we have about our selfs, our health, our body, etc. and just realize who we truely are.
        There I hear a irritated voice inside that says ‘but I knew all this before..’ Well, life happens in sinus waves, we travel from one side to become conscious about the other, we forget things and remember, it’s okay that we dont have everything on mind all the time because that’s impossible. We can be sure though that we’ll always have all we need for our current adventure in the current moment.
        I was hoping I could help the person who I love to learn how to accept and love him self just the way he is, though I knew in my head that one cannot do such for another and everyone has to go this path for them selfs, guided by their own inner voice, my inner child was so passionate and in love that it didn’t care. I just want him to feel good, to shine in all colours and be inspired to flow in his best ways, but I give my feeling of responsibility to the universe may he be guided. I’ll just be there and live my own path and be an inspiration for him and who ever is open to see, listen and share šŸ™‚

        I’ll have to read your comment to my mom later when she’s back home, because we both can relate so much to what you say. We both have no clue how to create our new paths along the old ways and luckily we curently don’t have to know the answer, but this could change any day out of the blue… All that what fruited out of this wishing for answers were and are long the conversations we have. This is really special to me because once I have a connection to someone I’m very communicative and this deep level of openess, love, trust, peace and comfort to even the shy parts of myself… I don’t see that this is usual in every family, though it should. Sometimes we even speak english ^^ We don’t speak as mother and daughter even, just as two souls. As if we’d be floating somewhere between two milkyways, chatting about our worlds šŸ™‚

        I also appreciate to communicate with people over the internet, like we do, but it’s so lovely to sit in the same room and have the energetic communication happening more clearly, maybe even in a dark room at night time šŸ™‚ that needs trust I guess šŸ˜€ hmm… I hope that I live with a loving, peaceful and philosophical/conscious person one day.

        Hugs and soulshine ā¤

      • Wow, that’s great that you found this meditation and it helped you to find your center, again, Fillandra! Feels good, doesn’t it? I might take time to do the same in a bit… šŸ™‚

        All that you say – about the irritated inner voice showing up, allowing the ones we love to walk their own path and connecting with others makes total sense to me. Eventhough it sometimes seems challenging to us, indeed.

        It’s great that you have such a beautiful connection with your mom! Such encounters still seem to be rare – especially within the family. Good that we have and savour them.
        Say “Hi!” to your mom when she sees this! šŸ™‚

        By the way, I truly believe that the answers/ opportunities show up just when we need them. It seems to me this is part living in the Now.
        My husband and I are just learning to trust on that, too.


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