Photoshooting ~ Forest Magic

After a long time, I’ve been in mood again to take my camera out. Those of you who read my posts for longer maybe remember Veve and our fun little photo shootings.
So on saturday we met in the forest and she brought her bestie, Lil Monster (paws up for GaGa 😉 Note: if I mention my friends in posts I always ask them if they want to be called by their real name or their nickname or what ever).
This girl haha, when we were planning where, when and how, on saturday morning, Veve wrote that she want’s to go in the forest; and the next sentence was that she’ll put heels on xD that’s her 🙂
For me it showed once again that I shall get more into how to tune my camera right, because all pictures in the sun are too bright. And I need a tripod but here this little “house” we were in helped me, I placed the cam on a scantling. ^^
It was soo much fun and I hope the Lil Monster will join us again 🙂

In my Libra Autumn Power post I told you, besides a lot of other news, that I have a new hair cut and promised you photos, I’ll come true to that as well today 🙂

You know I appreciate your feedback, questions, tips and your stories so feel free to write into the comments or send me and e-mail:  🙂 ♥

May big wings carry you ♥
Fillandra (yes I use this name again 😉 )
the transformative writer

P.s. I’m totally moved right now, I just clicked through all the old posts to sum up the photo shootings with Veve, so you can find them united when you click on her name. I saw all the header shootings I did, how much love and effort I put into it… it just moved me… I’m sorry that I stopped doing that. I hadn’t been inspired at all in the past months. Things change, even if they’ve been fun and beautiful. I guess that’s what moves me right now… ♥


4 thoughts on “Photoshooting ~ Forest Magic

  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures, Fillandra. It feels like you all had fun, too!
    Cool haircut and colour!
    For a while, when I was about your age I had a similar colour, btw… (I believe it was called “cassis”).
    Much love, again!

    • Mmhh… the word cassis reminds me of an organic sparkling drink, called Himbeer Cassis (by Vökel), I enjoyed when I was a child *-*

      It’s a pleasure sharing joy with you 🙂 yes it was a sunny day and in “my” forest, I felt very home ^^ also being surrounded by women makes me kinda male 😀 I feel strong and have someone to protect etc. well that’s an old past life shoe i think.

      Lots of Love

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