Conscious Create Changes

Doing things differently (today). Yesterday I got tired around 8 pm and went to bed this early (usually I go to bed between 10 and 12/1) and could fall asleep quite fast. Thanks goodness I can sleep well again!
I struggled with that so badly for the past months. I was a walking dead kinda xD.
So because I went to bed so early, I woke up at 4 am. ‘Lets write’ I thought and lighted up a candle, as I turn off the electricity at night. I love the energetic clarity when it’s off.
If you’re sensitive to such things too, I can recommend to try this (but keep in mind things like the refrigerator which need power all the time).
I welcome how things naturally happen in a different way now (after I shifted my focus),
I sort out and come true to myself. To who I am now, how I want to feel, what supports me, what I can and want to accept and what not.
This started around my birthday at the beginning of the last month. I wrote about it in the previous posts, I found back to myself. For a longer while I was feeling kinda off and especially the past half year has been… difficult. It has been a beautiful journey away from the clarity I was used to (a lot due to my isolated lifestyle), out of my comfort zone, meeting people, experimenting a lot. I’m thankful for this time. I lived it and this now gives me deeper inner peace. The difficult side of it were the mental health struggles which came along with it. I slightly remember the moment I must have decided to enter this phase/learning process/experience, and it wasn’t the first time. There is something about those topics which make them interesting to my soul path. Not just once, the experiences and realizations I gained were extremely helpful to support, inspire and help others on finding a way back to their flow and joy of life.
Now I am very very very glad to feel healthy, happy and in love with who I am again.
I can eat right again for example, which does a big part, along some mind changes. I sleep well, as I said before. I dream every night lately πŸ™‚
I thank my past months for making me so aware of how special it is to feel healthy, balanced and blissful.

So have an amazing month ❀ It’s a special time. Everybody seems to feel it in their very own way. More positivity, inspiration, faith and lot’s of quick little shifts/changes is what most of them have in common. I’d love to hear your view πŸ™‚
Your thoughts, questions, stories and feedback are very welcome ❀

I wish you all the best ❀ be inspired, uplifted and in love and peace with yourself. May big wings carry you ❀



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Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome β™₯

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