Hugs for the fearful Mind ~ Change Focus

I often feel under pressure when my inner course seems like “doing nothing” to my mind. It goes all crazy then. I thought about giving you a sneak peek of its talk, but decided then to skip that because I bet you all know it and how it feels so it’s unnecessary.
Out of society’s eyes I’m a hopeless idiot for a lot of things. I have no graduation at all, I have no job (well I kinda have one but neither get paid nor much to do right lately… that experience might be over already -.- ).
I try not to, but still I feel unworthy because I don’t go with the masses, that just automatically happens. I call my focus back to myself then. I truly feel deep sense in the path I chose. We all want change, freedom, fairness, peace, love, or just to feel truly home on this planet and comfortable wherever we are and whatever we do. So we cannot let fear hold us back from creating a better Now, a happier lifestyle, a fruitful and inspiring, uplifting environment.
I don’t refuse the traditional ways because I’m lazy, but because it was and is a pain in the ass to me. I quit school not because I’m against education but because this school system is neither teaching me true knowledge nor serving me in becoming my greatest version. So I refuse to support it with my presence. This weren’t the words with which I left it. Back then I wasn’t aware of what was wrong, but my subconscious spoke through a ton of body symptoms which made me unable to fit in for just one day longer (this was in summer 2010). It took me a long time (two years) to recover from this, to understand what my body was telling me so the symptoms would ease off.

Well, so my mind is freaking out because of this. It has no one to look at and say yea he/she is going though the same and it works. It only sees and hears all these people doing it the way it always has been done. So I’m not mad at my mind, instead I try to calm it down and to take the focus away from the madness.
Wow this sounds so loving and easy! That must be the calmness I have when I’m totally devoted to my passion of writing.  But sometimes it’s quite loud in my head and then it seems way not as easy, though it might be.

Peace starts with the realization of what’s going on. “Oh this is my mind being in panic”. Then I shift the focus: “What do I want? I want to feel good. What does support my heart’s wishes?” I bring myself back into my heart’s perspective, where I can see and decide what’s truly important right Now and what can wait.
To enter the state of allowing helps the universe to support you. It’s a wonderful way to test which old system things are still so important that universe leads them into the ways by itself. Like the paperwork for my grandmas taxes. It did itself through me, in a way that was acceptable and comfortable for me. I realize I have time to flow and I can trust that the truly important things will get done; instead of fighting myself through it, lead by my shouting mind, feeling miserable and trapped.
Thumbs up for awareness 😀 We know all this and still we find ourselves doing this lesson again and again. Why? Because being aware/awake means being in the moment and this is a constant process. It doesn’t last because this universe is constantly changing and therefore it has to be created each moment anew. But don’t worry, no human being on this planet is a 100% aware and in the moment all the time, and that’s okay. We can live this beautiful aha moments again and again 🙂

Much Love


3 thoughts on “Hugs for the fearful Mind ~ Change Focus

  1. Thank you for this beautiful, loving and encouraging post, Fillandra!

    A lot of the things you name here, feel very familiar to me. Like you, I notice over and over again that, if it is important, it will get done. Also, with much more ease than I was used to in the “old energy”. And when I don’t have energy for it, it usually does not need to get done – or it is not my task to do it. 🙂

    Frankly, I have no clue where I will be ten years, five years or even one year from now. But it doesn’t matter. That’s the blessing of being totally in the now. We don’t need to know what or how in advance. We are allowed to trust that we find out/ know when it is time.

    Or, like my old friend Cloud Eagle used to say: “It’s all a matter of mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” 😉

    I very much like the picture of giving hugs to the fearful mind. It’s such a wonderful reminder. My mind, at least, is greatful for them when ever I remember to share those hugs. 😀

    Much love,

    • Thank you so much Steffi! ❤ That means a lot to me.

      Do we actually want to know where we are in five years from now? I don't. It would be scary to know it… it would feel like a cage, like I couldn't influence what happens. I love the surprises life offers every day, and all I want in the following Now's is that things will feel right, be fun, that I am healthy and life is enjoyable. 🙂

      That is an awesome saying! ❤

      I was same as moved when the posts title dropped into my head 🙂 the whole writing process was wrapped in wings today and made me feel very inspired and excited. ❤ I'm thankful to be able to express myself.
      I watched a lot of people on youtube lately, like fullyrawkristina, freelee the banana girl, those I already mentioned to you and many others. They all speak about their experiences, they share what they are moved and convinced by. I realized all I gotta do is be me. I wasn't even noticing before that I was trying to please others instead of being me 100%.
      Following to this I also was able to word myself about me breaking up school the way I always wanted, but never could put into the right words and also it takes courage to speak about it.

      That's how we sometimes get totaly different inspiration than the one we were looking for 🙂

      May big wings carry you ❤ through dreamland tonight into a beautiful next day 🙂

      • “all I want in the following Now’s is that things will feel right, be fun, that I am healthy and life is enjoyable” – Exactly!!! 😀

        Lately I’m noticing an opening myself, in stating more clearly where I am at, right now. It does take courage to show to others the full extend of what it means to live life in this new way. To state that one chose to leave school (“old school” 😉 ) before the graduations, like you – or that one just can’t fit into the “old systems” of working and earning money, like me. I have a feeling that just now the doors are opening for the energies which actually allow us to move something and create a new space by spelling things out.
        Sometimes, the choice to not participate in something is a very active decision, like you describe so beautifully in your post. It might look like doing nothing when perceived through the lens of “old energy”. But the more we adjust to the “new energetic” view, the more we see that it is far more than that.

        I’m really happy to read that you felt so inspired while writing this, today! ♥

        Have sweet dreams 🙂 ,

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