The ‘Get up – Get out’ Week

It’s sunday night and I enjoy a shower. I bet you know this, under the shower you get the coolest ideas, like they drop on you along with the water. It would be good to have a water proof voice recording tool…

Hello everyone! ❤

I’m not a person who has it easy to keep up with routines. Maybe it’s not in my nature… still I have the feeling I could get a little more comfortable and used to it. Not just because it can give me positive structure and orientation, but also because it can be quite freeing and inspiring and really can help me achieve goals.

So I want to start my ‘get up – get out week’ tomorrow.
I got a lot of energy lately, and though I love to dance in my room, it doesn’t seem to be enough movement. And since this fit’s with my next week so well, I want to get out for a walk every morning, (almost) right after I got out of bed. I imagine this will unlock my mind, ease stress and pressure, be inspiring – a positive start into the day and a good chance to take photos… Yeah. I don’t know if I can keep up with it, let’s see. 😀

What about you? Do you want to join me? Maybe it always has been your dream to learn drawing, or playing the guitar (etc.) one day. What about now?!?
Go on youtube and search for how to guides, or get books from the library. You can practice every day for 20 mins up to an hour and enter a new phase/level every week.
Or you have the wish to change your diet a bit and prepare yourself more upliftingly (I just invented a word, didn’t I? ^^) nourishing meals? Search for recipes and try new things every day, things you never tried before. Experiment and watch how much this inspires other parts of your life!
I did that with raw food recipes over the last week. It’s been quite uplifting and so satisfying. I can highly recommend zoodles! (raw zucchini noodles)

If you join me, feel free to share your ideas and experiences in the comments 🙂

I wish you an inspired week!
~ May big wings carry you ~

Lots of L ❤ ve


One thought on “The ‘Get up – Get out’ Week

  1. Actually, I have done those morning walks for a while and really enjoyed them.
    This year I had so much struggles with health and all kinds of stuff, that I allowed it to keep me from continuing this routine.
    Maybe it is time to take it up, again!
    No promises, but I am open for finding back to it. 😉

    Thank you, as always, for a very inspiring post, dear Fillandra!

    Much love and happy walking,

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