* Embracing the Moment ~ Who You Are is Enough *

I became a great thinker over the last year. Or should I say a restless worrier?
I really gotta come up with something… I gotta do something… There must be something…
But maybe there is nothing higher to life than just BEing!?!
The past year taught me extremely important lessons and I’ve grown so incredibly much as a person. I grew into myself, by diving into the very human, the very physical, the outer world. I met people, I watched out of my eyes into the world. Made connections to parts of me, I felt I was disconnected of.
Now, these days I feel like I miss something I used to have back then, when I was used to thrive on higher but also more isolated (from other people, in a ways) vibrations. The connection to the ALL. The constant conversation with the universe. Everything was speaking to me, inspiring me, making me feel one with all, home in all, friends with life…
So this is where I choose now to get back to. Must feel like coming home. With a bag full of what I learned.
I’m sick, tired… I really need ME now. Feeling me, being me. I have to stop this search for something out there. I take a needle and make the illusion of being incomplete pop like a soap-bubble.
Who I am is enough. I love being me. In the moment. With all that is. And if there is something to do, I’ll know it. What’s to do shall be humans smallest worry. That you’ll always know, if you feel yourself and know what you want you’ll know if you have to do something to grow into a greater version of yourself.
I’ll patiently remind myself ‘who I am is enough’, I promise myself this and relax.

Some days ago I saw a post of a facebook contact, she posted a picture of a friendship bracelet in process and it hit me like ‘I wanna do that!’. Guess what, I went, got wool in four colors and started. I tried five different techniques so far.
See it works, I told myself. If you want something from heart you do it, it just flows.

Much Love and Inspiration
Who you are is enough ❀

Fillandra ❀


3 thoughts on “* Embracing the Moment ~ Who You Are is Enough *

  1. Such a lovely post and so good for me to read, at this time, dear Fillandra! Thank you! ❀
    I haven't made bracelets like that in years – but I remember that it felt very relaxing to me when I did.
    Much love,

    • I am happy that you enjoyed it! β™₯ πŸ™‚ Thank you so much β™₯
      I feel with this post I came back to the original vision I had/have of how I want this blog and the posts to be like. Positive in the core and higher in vibration. Especially compared to the post before… that had to be shared though… ^^
      Well, there is something about the bracelets that fits to the process that’s going on multi dimensionally at this time.
      One thing I related to me personally for example was, that if you pull to much on the wrong of the two stings you work with, the knot flips over and kinda doesn’t work out. So if you’re lucky you can fix that my pulling the other string and it flips back into order, or you have to re open the knot and start anew. However I related that to myself when I felt totally flipt over and went out for a walk. And while I was walking I felt like a knot flipping back to the “natural” form twice.
      It’s crazy how we feel even more magic in a “solved-issue-moment” when we can relate it to/describe it with a imagination, by the way. πŸ™‚

      Hugs and rainbows πŸ™‚ 🌈
      And much Love β™₯

      • That is a great comparism between the bracelets and what is going on multi-dimensionally! I had not seen it from that perspective, before, and it makes total sense to me. πŸ™‚

        Yes, I think I know what you mean by that magical feeling.
        And also regarding the feeling of coming back/ re-connecting to our original vision – great to read that you feel like that! ❀

        For the records: The post before did feel positive and authentic to me, inspite of talking about a sad and not so happy experience. But we do have such experiences and taking responsibility for our feelings as well as learning how to deal with these experiences on a higher vibrational level (integration) is part of the path. That's, at least, how I experience it.

        Thanks for the hugs, rainbows and love! – Received and sent to you, as well! 🌈

Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome β™₯

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