Brave :3

November last year, I walked out of a check-up appointment at my dentist with bad news. After that I had to cancel my appointment twice because I got bad flus.
Now it’s finally the right time to get this fixed and it couldn’t fit much better into the energy of this time.
I feel this time is ment to gain stability and relief. Things can feel stuck and strange, but think about this: Isn’t it giving you time to catch breath, to fix root problems and to finally finish old projects? The time/energy that will follow, will be a quick, airy, electric and surprising one. It’s good, if not necessary to be patient with this garage/work over time, so you’re free of these subliminal burdens when the energy shifts later on.

I made it through my third of five appointment today. I’m always hell a lot nervous before, and so much relieved afterwards. But I’m a brave girl who hates anesthesia way more than pain. I can numb/blank out pain myself (by intention) so the strange feeling and the chemical stress of substance are just a red rag to me :D. I had one only once ever and decided it’s not worth it. I can stand through it without and when I walk out of the door I’m done with it. I don’t take something with me that knocks me out for the next four hours. (Of course I will make an excuse when I get my wisdom teeth removed xD so sad I can’t keep them…)
This confuses the doctors and assistants so much lol.
I told them that the taste of this all and the sounds are the worst to me anyways and these can’t be blanked out. ^^

How do you experience this time? What does your gut feeling tell you about it? Do you want to share something with the blissful community here? Feel free to write a comment ❤

I feel brave and proud. I feel inspired. Energies are great anyways.
It’s spring, everything is shining, warming up. I feel in love, am in a relationship with a beautiful soul for a year now. There have been times of healing and shadow work, but right now things just feel so good and right. I really enjoy this phase 🙂

Peace! and healing ❤


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