about understanding the purpose of patience

Humans rarely are blessed with patience, when it comes to their own process, their projects, education/learning or just themselves.
Yet a slow process without any rush is prefered by the universe, on this timeline, in order to mindfully experience and save all details.
My life is no excuse. I wish I could just download physical experience like Neo (in the movie matrix) got programmed with flawless kung fu in seconds. But I have to be super patient and mindfully learn/experience every step of the process. My work goes deep deep down into the very details, to the very core and codes of the moments.
Ever since i was young, this slow learning got mistaken as disability and stupidity.
My fiancé helped me to see that the stupidity is not on my side here. Judging someone for something that is not meant to be changed and that doesn’t harm anybody is insane. With these (and more) words he helped me to detach my view from old childhood trauma.
So beautiful when you realize that the partner you love and hold in your arms helps you to love and heal yourself and you help him/her to do the same. We stay true to ourselves, yet become more one with every breath. That’s all I ever wanted in love.

The beautiful thing about closing a finished chapter and going over to he next in your learning process, is that you feel it in so many detail moments of your day. The way you feel, the way you do things, the way you talk to people especially. That’s so beautiful, how fresh life feels. I’d love to have this feeling more often (in this massive dimensions). Yet good things take time and that’s alright, I’ve felt and understood this now.

Much Love,


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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