Daily Log In ~ About Emotional Awareness and a free mind

About three weeks ago, I had the feeling of being lost, to an unbearable extrem. Time was flying by, events were appearing and fading before I could fully realize them and store them in my brain to remember. I felt lost, overwhelmed, confused and even a little scared.
Until I bought two little note books on tuesday the 5th this month.  From then on I kept them with me were ever I went and wrote down my experiences, impressions, thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions.
Yesterday I finished the first book (the blue one, pic below).
I’ve written every day. Someties in bits,  spread over the day and sometimes just at the end of the day, depending on where I’ve been and what I was doing.
I’m surprised how much my life and especially my self- and emotional awareness has improved (and I thought I had a lot already xD *lmao*). It changed how I go through my days. It gives me healthy structure because I remember these weeks much better, than I sometimes could remember the past day in the time before writing. And even if I should forget, I have it written blue on white.
I’m more aware of my needs and boundaries.
I’m more inspired and clear in my creative brain.

I was very proud when I filled the first book with the end of the day, yesterday. I never did something like that so strictly,  and I’m motivated even more now, to continue. 🙂

Love, Glitter and Raven feathers 💎


If you have questions or topics you want me to share my view on,  let me know. 🙂


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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