Teal Swan and Ralph Smart are two of the most inspring people to me. Let it be to learn and grow into new perspectives, or to be able and learn how to express and put in to words, things that I’ve noticed inside for a while,  but didn’t know how to let out or make visible to others.
Whenever I watched a video of Ralph Smart I have a big smile on my face and feel like giggling and dancing around,  he really spreads that inspiration. I also like his physical approach, like he speaks about breathing,  body signs,  food and all kinds of things. Embracing the physical with unconditional love is something I still learn and his words help.
Whenever I watched a video of Teal I feel in company, I feel understood and empowered. Things that I have to learn how to give myself of course,  and she helps people with that. I’ve got great emotional awareness and philosophical sharpness thanks to her, which helped me so so much courageously step through learning processes, which came as mental health issues, and leave all kinds of symptoms and programming behind.

Both are raw and inspiring people full of love, they shine out authenticity that makes one feel ones own self and own truth more. They make one, or at least me, feel like being you and living life the way you feel it’s right for you is/can/should be fun. 🙂
Recently they did an interview/conversation about authenticity.
Two of my favorite inspirational peps together, that’s what I want to share today 🙂

And by the way, I’m cooling my left cheek, got the other two wisdom teeth pulled today. I’m surprised how fine I am, the first pair was way harder.
Do you know that, when you watched a video and feel so powerful that you want to go out and fearlessly show your true naked soul being right into the face of people? 😀 that’s how I feel right now after watching this video, yet today I’ll lie in bed and recover. ^^
That’s it with the news about me for today, see you in a new post, hopefully very soon ❤

Love and sunshine


8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. ❤ – Thank you, dear Fillandra, for sharing and spreading the inspiration. I plan to check out the video later today!

    Much love for your left cheek, too! Sending empathy your way!
    (For me, it was the other way round: first the left side – horrible! – Then the right side – thankfully rather gentle!)

    Sunshine blessings,

    • Thank you so much for your support Steffi ♥ for my blogging as well as for my recovery, I really appreciate and honor it ♥
      They usually pull the more difficult teeth first.
      Ever since I first heard of wisdom teeth needing to be pulled, at the age of six or so, I was afraid this would happen to me. I fought, believing they pull them for no reason. But after all doctors I met, except for the one who could make lots of money of me keeping them, told me they need to get out I gave in. Like I know that in this life I have to learn that I can’t hold on to material stuff.
      Still it’s painful to have healthy teeth pulled that gave you more strength and bite in the jaw (except for kicking out the fillings of the other teeth and the tension because of the missing space xD)
      Well I’m happy that I’m done with all kinds of dentists, inlays, root treatment and teeth pulling for now. As much as I love the care taking medicine man energy that my dentist seems to have in his soul, I’m sick and tired of seeing him xD.

      Blessings for a healthy body and healthy teeth ^^ ♥
      Oh do you know something that really helps rebuild the dental enemal? He keeps bagging me to ise fluoride but I don’t believe this shit is good at all…

      Much love and inspiration ♥

      • Haha – yes, I bet he understands that you don’t want to see him anymore under these circumstances…

        In fact, I stumbled upon two things some time earlier this year, that are supposed to remineralize the teeth and shall help them to rebuild.

        One is a tooth powder that it easily made:

        I have tried some variations commercial tooth pastes and homemade tooth powder and this one actually works best for me, up to now.

        Another tip is comfrey (Beinwell). I have a comfrey plant on my balcony and use the leafs (along with other ingredients) for making tooth oil. I created my own recipe after reading through some stuff. If you like I can send it to you via email.
        (I believe one can buy dried comfrey root at well sorted pharmacies, as well… you maybe would have to adhust the ammounts for the recipe, using that.)

        I cannot find the article, anymore, where I read about comfrey being used for healing bones and teeth… But maybe, if you google it you find your own info about this. (Beinwell: Bein = Knochen, Well = gut, heil 😉 )

        I hope that helps and gives you some inspiration.

        Thank you for the blessings – in fact, they do come at the right time! 😉

        Much love,
        Steffi (who now starts to listen to the video, above…)

      • 😀 I bet he doesn’t even care or maybe he doesn’t even want to see me anymore either because he prefers me having happy healthy teeth ^^
        Thank you so much for the info and tips. Yes I’d love to have the recipe. I actually once heard that beinwell is good, I know remember.
        I have two pflüger salt drops that surely strengthened my teeth yet I didn’t feel the shell getting better.
        How did you like the video? 🙂

        Loads of love ❤ ❤ ❤ ॐ

        P.s. do you know the charmed series? When ever I'm sick or grounded by universe to rest, I love watching things and distract myself from all the to dos, my grandmas stuff and all system shit and questions…
        These days I rewatch charmed 🙂 I have all episodes on dvd but no dvd player duh.. :/ so I watch them in crappie quality on YouTube. But in the original tone which is super thrilling as I couldn't really speak a word in english when I watched them first time, like 8-10 years ago. Now it's so easy to understand ^^ that's so amazing :3

  2. I just sent you an email with the subject “Zahnöl” from my Yahoo account. It probably says “Mondperle” as sender. 😀

    Never heard of Pflüger salt drops… I might google that, later.

    I’m through the first 20 Minutes of the video and am enjoying it very much, so far. Most of it feels quite familiar… 😉 – Thank you, again, for sharing it!

    Yes, I do know “Charmed” (only in German, though). I like to watch it for the same reason you mentioned. Maybe I purchase them via Maxdome, one day. Especially if they offer both, German and English language as a choice. – It is amazing how much language skills can improve over time, isn’t it?!

    Btw.: I don’t know how you are set up with technical equipment, but my laptop, for example, can play DVD’s, too…

    • Mondperle, that’s so cute *-* how did you get to that nickname? 🙂

      The pflüger salts are like a cheaper option of the schüssler salts.

      Well yes my charmed dvds offer a lot of different translations. 🙂
      My laptop has no cd player with it and the external player can only play cds because my tiny crappy laptop is to dump for playing dvds. It’s actually not functioning at all at the time…
      Otherwise, no tv or anything in our house ^^

      A question just came to me, how is your digestive system doing these days? My digestion works surprisingly fine these days but there stomach cramps kept me awake the last two nights. And I can’t really connect it to foods I’m sensitive to like gluten or animal products… I didn’t have them so often and at all in a long time…

      • *smiles* – That nickname just came to me years ago. 😉

        That’s a pitty with your DVD options!

        Interesting that you are asking: My digestive system is different from the normal I knew but usually fine. Just recently I have some problems, including gut pain. Especially yesterday. Could not relate it to any food issues or allergies, either. My husband was not feeling well, today, also. I noticed that my issues seem to connect to release of shame and old abuse stories. Also, I noticed a lot of shame and guilt moving through regarding the female energy and being a women.
        – Could it be that some bigger release is happening on the planet? (We had all the sun storms and now the full moon…)

        Thanks for the heads up regarding the Pflüger salts! 🙂

        Oh – I had to stop watching the video, for now. Will watch the last 40 minutes, tomorrow. Can totally relate to what they are talking about and love the energy. ❤

      • I thought you can relate to the problem. I was guessing that emotions must be involved because it includes such pain in my bacl muscles, where I know lots of old emotions are stored in my tight and achy muscles.
        I couldn’t tell which kind of emotions try to be released though, not even that some are related. This is rare, rather the other way around, but I was totally on the physical level feeling the pain and couldn’t help myself.
        I can relate to the issue about being a woman that you mentioned. I have to learn to accept it still.
        I got these cramps first time between 2006 & 2008 – I was between 12 & 14, can’t remember when exactly, when I visited my dad in hospital after school. He had his gall bladder removed and described this pain. Still he was working on his laptop, like he always did. When ever I visited my dad on the weekends when I was a child, I had to share him with his work. Whatever…. That evening I had these cramps for the first time.
        From then on often. I had a horrible diet at that time and was emotionally over eating a lot because I was quite depressed. These cramps made me actually changing my eating habits bit by bit. I first learned how not to over eat all the time, yet I still can’t fully control it these days. I lost weight, which was a relief. And also made steps out of my darkness, did a lot of emotional work on me and started to help another person along the way. In 2013 around this time my body asked me to go gluten free (my dad is too). And in spring 2014 mu body asked for vegan. I started with leaving out the milk products until I realized that egg doesn’t work either. Meat I wasn’t eating till 2012 or so, I was raised vegetarian but enjoyed making the experience of getting to know it later until it fell of again. I still can eat honey but I prefer maple or agave syrup and I kinda boycott industrial honey since I saw that they throw the combs with the bees in it I to a machine and later filter out the bee pieces with chemicals. That just shocked me and broke my heart.
        I also can eat sushi. I never really ate fish in my life so maybe that’s an open experience. I kind of like it though I don’t like it anymore when I consciously know that I’m eating dead animals.
        Since November last year I more and more move to fully raw and maybe that’s what my body is asking for now. Or she just doesn’t like that I’m eating whatever I can eat with my hurting jaw right now. Mashed potatoes, soy Joghurt, Pudding and stuff. Yesterday I tried to eat less and mostly raw fruits. It was better, my stomach was uncomfortable but I was able to sleep.
        Maybe it’s both, physical and emotional. I also struggle with candida often, which could be related to my digestive system.
        Anyways my digestive system is a diva anything right can be wrong if it’s the wrong time or wrong combination xD

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