There are two things I begin to learn/understand about my writing/blogging:

#1  only because I didn’t had a chance to share a story/thought/experience/realization close after it happened and I’m already in the next chapter vibration and feeling wise, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t authentic and real anymore to share it.
I have quite a trouble feeling into the memories sometimes, if I have to finish writing it. I have problems reading my old texts anyway.
But I feel a loss every time I give up on a writing that I once meant to inspire with.
So I begin to learn to have the patience to work through it. And even more to create time and write when the inspiration is fresh.

# 2 I have to learn to filter what feels most important to share, otherwise the post is an over loaded jungle of information.
If a post is as long as if you accidentally drop the toilet paper roll and it just doesn’t seem to stop (sc)rolling, than this surely isn’t a delight 😀 (hope that joke wasn’t too bad xD)
Minimalism to ensure vibrational clarity seems to be a topic on many levels in my life at the time.

Well I’m finishing the post about my vacation last week (am back in Wiesbaden since Monday) and had these thoughts…thought it would give and interesting and different type of post.

Read you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “pondering…

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