feeling my roots ~ photo gallery

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I made these photos in two days. On tuesday (last week) I started my tour at the harbour, walked over to the marina next to it and then back into the city. From there, after I got some postcards and gifts for friends,  I walked though the city park and then up the street where I used to live. I sneaked through the (public) backyard behind ‘my’ house and went down to the inland lake… strange to name it the english way, till now I named it Binnensee all my life ^^
I wanted to swim in the baltic sea as I didn’t in 7 years or so, but I didn’t want to risk that somebody steals my camera while I’m in the water. So I walked back to my dad’s office. There I phone called my grandma and she picked me up. After we had a little chat, having a cup of tea, I went to the beach in Strandhusen. I never went swimming there I think… not that I could remember. It was 20 °C and the water was 19°C, which is warm for the baltic sea. When I was young I was tough and didn’t mind the cold, but since I’m used to Wiesbadens warm climate and am not over weight anymore, I’m way more sensitive when it comes to cold. But I was quite motivated and didn’t take too long to be fully in the water. I felt pretty euphoric and happy to swim in my so loved baltic sea.

The second walk was on friday last week. I was starting to get a cold and didn’t feel too well but I knew I would regret it, if I didn’t walk though the tourist area and view the ocean from that side once. My dad picked me up that day and we went to visit my older sister. After that he dropped me at the inland lake, next to the police station, and I made my way to the left, heading to the tourist area. When I sat at the ocean, I wrote this little post from my phoneThen I wanted to go back to the city center and learned how lucky I am in Wiesbaden with all these fabulous bus connections. I didn’t want to walk so I called a taxi. I was lucky and got a driver who knew me from my childhood days. We both where excited and fascinated to meet each other again. I smiled quite a long time after that meeting. ^^
Then dad picked me up and we went home.

On saturday we did a family trip to Bad Segeberg to the Carl May Festspiele. I didn’t take my camera with me because I felt not good at all because of my cold. And this was a good decision because the amount of people there was massive. But the event came out to be quite fun actually and we sat in the sun which helped to ease my cold symptoms.

Sunday was a relaxed day. I packed my stuff, cuddled with my siblings and at around 6 pm I got on the train back home. When I arrived back in Wiesbaden it was 1 am and guess what!?! I got a bus home xD but I was a bit sad to be back. It was hot, it was loud and it stank…

Hope you liked the little more detailed impression of what was I was doing on my vacation 🙂

Read the last post feeling my roots to get an impression of the emotional and philosophical side of my vacation

Read you soon ❤


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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