Creating Clarity

I felt emotionally dense and challenged today. (If you want to be correct, it’s been yesterday as it’s past midnight, but for me a day stays today until I go to sleep or it dawns ^^)
Pondering too much about my emotions mostly isn’t helping me much. No wonder as emotions are already caused by thought or even over thinking.
So I took a day off from my responsibilities and stayed at home. I tidied up the stuff around me to create clarity and relief inside. I remember I wrote a few posts about this in the past and it’s still a miracle cure for emotional pressure to me. By the way, I think about rereading old posts of mine and review them, to bring them back to daylight, some day soon.
I went easy on myself, because I can’t push anything without mind force, that would make me drown completely in rough self hate. I’ve been there so many times and what it makes me do and feel is painful. I have jumped into that hole often enough (referring to a story my mom once read to me, I’m bad with names I forgot whose book it was), now I don’t feel much temptation anymore to experience it all over again. At least not today.
I’m aware of how truly we choose every experience we make. From what feels mind blowing awesome to mind shattering negative and everything in between. In the past this often caused me to feel even more self hate, because only because I have a high consciousness and know certain things, it doesn’t mean that my human/temporal self can line up with and understand these higher truths of mine. But uniting the two perspectives of the temporal self and the higher self is part of the consciousness evolution people (including me) make at the time.

Other than creating physical and emotional clarity I chatted with blissful reader Stefanie and her husband in the comments of my last post Good Morning System ~ asking for change! Maybe you want to read them (and the post if you haven’t yet ^^) and get inspired or even join the communication 🙂
I’m glad to know all these lovely people thanks to my blog. I’ve been enlightened, uplifted, inspired and moved so much by your replies through out my blogging journey. Thank you so much for this ❤

Have a good night or day depending on where you are and when you read this 🙂
Read you soon ❤

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