Intuition School

Ohhh that’s why I had that feeling!

I’ve always been a suuuper shy person. A lot of things I didn’t dare. I thought of myself as an inhibited, fearful person and felt like a failure.
I kinda still see myself in that place, but this image began to shift and fade. A while ago I started to dare things even though I have a bad/strange feeling. And tadaa it always turned out that there is a reason for that feeling. A reason that doesn’t have anything to do with myself. No one picked up the phone, the doctor has no free appointment, the article is sold out, the shop is a disappointment, the person came too late anyway…. etc.

I kinda wonder why it feels like fear, that strange feeling. I assume that I feel there is something unknown. The mind fears the unknown and that’s the point it turns to fear.

Every time I dare is one step closer to freedom, one step closer to a loving sense of self. And those steps are good achievements for health and balance.

What have been your realizations and achievements today/lately? ❤

Read you soon ❤


4 thoughts on “Intuition School

  1. Dear Fillandra,

    thank you for sharing a lesson out of your Inspiration School!

    “I kinda wonder why it feels like fear, that strange feeling.”
    – I like the conclusion you came to, here!
    What also came to my mind while pondering about that question was, that – at least in my personal experience – there might be some fear of rejection. Of course, it is not really a rejection when, for example, somebody is simply not at home to pick up the phone. But the rejected child in me might still project the event on itself in unaware moments.

    There you are – that insight is an achievement and a realization I just had, today. – Thank you! 🙂

    Much love,

    • Dear Steffi ❤
      You're very welcome and thank you for adding this detail 🙂 yes I can totally relate to that. I actually just wrote a lot, like 'no not too much it's rather…', then I went into the details and was like oh well… that IS fear of rejection xD It just goes the loop way over the fear of falling in disgrace which would lead to rejection.
      That would come up with things like doctor appointments for example. That I waste their time with something that I should be able to handle on my own. Accepting help, healing support, etc. is a must learn for me…

      Love & Light ❤

      • Hee hee – yep, that loop sounds familiar to me… Actually it was Kim who invited me to look at this from a different perspective (in some situations of my life – not particularly regarding your article). And he probably heard similar arguments from me to the ones you started to write in reply to my earlier comment. 😉 Not always a happy experience to face it, yet, I believe in effect it actually leads to exactly that: happiness.

        Accepting help and support – yep, that shows up as some topic, here, too!

        ❤ – Steffi

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