Incarnation Anniversary

Today, 21 years ago, my journey began; I entered this body.
I really wanted to live this life, I really wanted to be a part of this time. I knew I could move something and I still feel this today.
Nobody said it would be easy, yet we all underestimate the intensity of feelings, when we stand on the other side of the veil, longing to be a part of the earth experience.
My life hasn’t been easy, I traveled through my darkest shadows, through wild oceans of emotion, faced my fears and reinvented myself over and over again.
I re-learned to love and want my life the way I did when I started it.
And I know I’ll make my way, no matter what challenges I’ll face in the future, it will all be good. Life is not my enemy, it’s myself, it’s the universe, it’s magic. I don’t have to fear anything. Because there is nothing cold, nothing stranger, nothing evil, nothing unknown. What seems so scary is all part of an illusion called the experience of life in this dimension.
Of course I forget that sometimes and I am scared. But that’s okay. I remind myself I’m home no matter what is and what happens.

Blessings of the golden ray

P.s.  My mom got me the most beautiful bouquet :3



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