Complete Boredom

Hello lovely readers 🙂

I thought me wishing you a happy new year and all the best, would happen in a different way, and especially sooner.

Still, happy new year.

I’m at the Frankfurt airport right now, waiting for someone. But since this person missed the plain, I have to wait two more hours.
I’ve been here once before, years ago, just for fun but I’m glad I had an idea how it looks here and found my way.
This place is huuuuge.

I feel the huge amount of electricity buzzing around me. It’s uncomfortable and gives me a light headache but I’m somehow totally calm and okay with my situation. Maybe because I’m used to such waiting situations.
Last December I traveled to.the Baltic sea again, to visit my family over the christmas days. I had two hours time in Hamburg already but on top of that there was trouble with my train connection and finally I waited two more hours. So this is way more.comfortable.

Fascinating how time flies by. I feel like since I’m in allowance of my situation, I’m like a surfer going with the time and it flows by. Unfortunately the battery of my phone does too.

I end it here. On my start into the year only this much so far. It’s been crazy, mostly neither good or bad. It’s just crazy and educating in a way. Things got moving, in all ways I didn’t expect.

May big wings carry you ❤ (saying this never felt this fitting 🙂 )

Good flight ladies and gentlemen, if you're about to fly for real or symbolically spoken for your year.



Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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