On the train again

Embracing my inner conflict. At least as good as I can…
Conflict/contradiction is everywhere. It’s, what I see, brings growth, progress, a change in perspective.
It can be painful. But that actually only is if we resist it, or?

I experience things I’m not used to in my day to day life, especially this year. That confronts me with my values and makes me rethink and reset some, but it also gives me a chance to learn to word them to the people around me.
Sometimes I get a reaction like I’m silly and I more or less happily let go and see where it takes me but I stay strong when I feel something just not possible/okay.
I feel like a fool revealing my vulnerability, worries, my personal boundaries… but it’s incredibly important to learn that, I know.
Communication is what provides us the opportunity to reflect on other people, as well as showing our true colors, our heart and perspective.

I’m happy to be on the train today. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time but today I’m thankful for the one and a half hours. It’s like the movement brushes through my energy feld and helps me to declutter my mind.
I’ve been so overwhelmed yesterday, after I came home from the airport (see yesterdays post). Soooo many people, sooo much impression and growing out of my comfort zone a small bit (along with private feelings chaos). I felt so stuffed and overwhelmed laying in bed.
Not knowing where I left my head is an uncomfortable feeling…
I have a new project next month and still a few things to prepare, along the usual stuff and unexpected things just keep coming. I have to learn to be more effective in getting stuff done… and trusting myself more.

Sharing this made me feel better, thank you for reading

Much love and inspiration

Don’t forget about your center. Sometimes it’s not possible (maybe not even meant to be) centered but keep your feeling for where you find it. That’s balance enough.




Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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