A Travelers Pain turns to Peace

Besides my extreme excitement, as I never traveled to my destination before, and the delays that make me sweat about whether I get my follow train or not, I’m filled with all kinds of feelings.
I’m growing up. I have flashbacks of how I used to travel with mom when I was a child. How my excitement was balanced out by mom’s guidance and loving presence. I miss being protected and having the privilege to fully concentrate on the traveling experience. On the same time I’m proud of being able to do it all alone, living alone, organizing and booking it all alone… I kinda sit between two chairs emotionally. My boyfriend brought me to the train though which I appreciate a lot 🙂

In Mainz I entered my following train. It’s an old one, with an appeal that makes me feel like I landed in a lovely, artful low budget movie.
Short after Mainz, I already noticed that I’m on different rails than those that frequently take me to darmstadt.
It’s the first time rails take me to the south this deep. I see wide green felds, utility poles and wine yards while the rain is crackling at the window. Inside my cabin is a pub atmosphere because of a group of middle aged soccer fans who are joking, laughing and playing german folk music while they are drinking excitedly from the beer barrel they brought with them.
Now, in Mannheim, I had to leave my seat place, as it was booked by somebody else, and find myself on the corridor, gazing out of the door window. My ears keep blocking while we drive through long tunnels.
Being in the middle of traveling, my emotional pain has settled and is replaced by the peace of movement. The delay we had seems to be balanced out as well. Only 1 hour till Ulm, where I get on my second follow train.
The only stress round now is the noise on corridor. As I said it’s an old train…

To be continued…

The traveling writer 😉









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