I just did it, and now I’m here

First of all I have to say that Lindau is a beautiful city with a good vibration, not that you get a wrong impression 😉

After I finally arrived, unpacked my stuff, relaxed a bit to find the energy to get out, explored the surrounding, bought food and ate something… Voices started bothering me , saying “oh you’re crazy! You don’t even know what you’ll find here, if the education workshops and all is worth the money, how they will treat you and if you gonna be okay all these days all alone!…”

I just did it and now I’m here. Yay.
Fucked up at the same time though. Because I’m here, five hours train ride away from Wiesbaden and mama, and another 7 from my hometown and dad (growing up sucks sometimes, told ya. But I’ll be fine, I know)
Well but I’m here and I’m flooded with all these feelings…

I don’t quite like the youth hostel room either (though I’m happy I have my own with toilet and shower). First of all it kicks of childhood trauma from class trips yeeears ago but also because I need a certain atmosphere.
I’ve already forbidden myself to call me picky or arrogant. Because I’m just the way I am and that should be okay. Also it’s not like things need to be fancy or higher class or what ever. They just need to have a certain vibration, a certain realness and quality. I’m a Libra, I need harmony! 😀

Writing my heart out and becoming aware of the silence that has settled with the evening, I hear nothing but rain and the pen on my paper, I slowly begin to arrive in the now.

Lately, too much is happening.
Too much to live it all up in the current moment, as well as too much to progress it later on because too much is following.
That makes me wonder if I’m missing out on something…

I hope to inspire positively.
Love from Lindau at Lake Constance






Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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