Hey lovelies 🙂

I’m back in Wiesbaden since Sunday night. Yesterday I had to acclimatize, dealing with a “after workshop hangover”. I slept most of the day and took a detox bath after I went for a walk in the forest. Everything looks, smells, tastes different…
The last thing you read from me was me dealing with the fear of the unknown. Now I can tell you that it was way more beautiful and special but also transforming, than I could imagine.
I made a big step forward and I know for sure that it was the absolute right decision to go for this workshop.
In a few weeks its time for the next episode.

Love from Wiesbaden





2 thoughts on “Acclimatizing

  1. Ah – all good news, Fillandra – ich gratuliere! Eerie pics – so few people, so few cars. Looks like calm and peace were with you on the first leg of your journey. Good luck with the next part.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting Kim 💓 🙂
      Yes and a lot of love, I love my group. It’s magical how people fot together perfectly in such workshops. I had the chance to fully leet go and let out old and new emotions. Very transformative.
      Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

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