Bored of train stations

This seems to be a part of growing up. You become numb to things that used to excite you, if they become common sense.
A self protection mechanism, I think. Like the hard skin on our hands and feet.

I deal with a lot of letting go and letting things be the way they are, since I came back from Lindau.
I’ve never cried that much in my life. Now I rediscover all these unnoticed tears. It’s so foolish to think one is unaffected by something, just because it doesn’t show up in the conscious experience. I noticed that my emotions have way more depth than I gave attention to. First of all, I heal a wall of pain.
Pain is the last and loudest warning signal of the human system. I managed to blind it out quite well. Respect…
I don’t mean to sound depressed. I’m super glad about this process because I see it takes me far and makes me feel better about myself and more free every day, to my surprise. I see it as a gift.

May you be hugged by fluffy angels wings 💓 ॐ




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