Embracing My Perception

it is a sunny day and i walk the streets of Lindau, the current hometown of my heart, where i just arrived by train earlier this afternoon.
i feel a kind of high and happiness that became rare in my life lately. The ET kinda feeling in the positive version. the ‘i just landed from another star system with my golden light and i know i have a gift that will make a lot of you happy too’ kinda feeling, i got born with.
the sun was kissing my face and i had a walk as light as feathers. everything around me was brighter and in a glorious depth of color, like it always is when i’m in flow.
unfortunately, shopping centers and unresonating people complaining to each other about things, are the death to such a joy vibration. yet i made myself a match to it… besides the fact i had to get food and wanted to eat it sitting in the sun. after that was done, i intended to get back in tune, so i carried my now heavy heart to the lake constance.
i was sitting, at a place where the lake feeds a small river, observing birds and especially a swan couple. First the male rushed my way,hissing at me, but i showered him with love and was in awe because i felt his special, humming vibration that close to me. he looked fluffy and water was rolling off his feathers like small diamonds in the late afternoon sun. he calmed down and the both where moving closer to their nest. later on i asked another swan, what kind of healing affect their energy gives as an animal totem/medicine guide, he gave me information that i hopefully will decode in meditation one day… 🙂

what i describe in this short report of my day, is the fact that i got born with a lot of sensory gifts, a thousand eyes in my aura – like i used to say when i was younger (‘seeing’ on a higher dimension, to me, is more than images. it kinda is my word for higher knowing/perception in general) The thing is, i don’t notice all of what i see and i dont know how much i know, so to say. maybe because i closed down a lot, in order to make myself available to people… because in my past i was blamed of being too strange to get the real world…
i had something like a wake up moment, not long ago.
‘do i want to create what i was born for or do i want to wake up at fifty realizing that i still didn’t?’ a free choice without judgement, if i would want to start at fifty, that would be fine. but i don’t. i already feel like i wasted years, years in which missed out on hidden signs and roads to start living my vision physically.
i realized all i gotta do now is fully  love and embrace myself for who i am. if i shine my full light, i will attract all i need, with no effort. i feel more than ready. so i sit with myself. i sit to see, to feel, to love, to know… and then to get up and live according to my own truth.

typing this from the hostel computer ^^
much love and lindau joy ❤




Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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