Happy New Year

Hello lovely readers,

long time no posts… 😦 I still don’t have a computer and posting from the phone isn’t as much fun, since I love writing deep texts and edit them until they feel round and balanced.

It’s the last day of the year as I type this on the computer of a friend. The last weeks and months have been a chaos on so many levels… Of course I made great experiences, lovely memories and I’ve learned and grown. But this up and down in emotions, the uncertainty and the challenge to deal with situations which are too strange for my mind to cope… it left me with an empty, foggy head. It’s the last day of the year but it feels just like a random day in my life to me. I will be alone as soon as I dropped of my friend as his family celebration and just rest and gather myself.

My resolution for my upcoming time, just like it has been for the past few weeks, is to take action. I have ideas of what I could and want to do, but yet I see myself doing nearly nothing to make those things happen, being blocked and feeling miserable about it.
If I want to get out of a stuck situation, I gotta get things moving.
I’m not the kind of person who writes a long list of resolutions just to try hard for one or two weeks, just to give it all up then and feel miserable for the rest of the year.
You can’t expect yourself to do it all at once, that just wont work. You have all the regular and unexpected challenges that life brings a long and you don’t have unlimited resources because you’re a loving, feeling human and not a machine. If this topic is interesting for you, I can recommend the book Willpower: Rediscovering our greatest strength by Roy Baumeister and John Tierney.
So I set myself little goals all year long, which are in adequate to the current situation. And I practice to be patient and loving with myself all along.

That’s it for today… I wish you a great start into a wonderful year. Remember to shift your focus, if you don’t like what you see. There is always something you can do to make things a little bit better now, even if it’s just breathing deeply. Treat yourself well, because a thousand loving people can’t do if you don’t give yourself the love you need. Your body, your life, your breath is a gift – honor the good things and they will multiply.


May big wings carry you


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