Lindau, the home of my heart

As the sun goes down, silence and peace settle in my heart. Whenever I come to Lindau, I’m grateful to be here. Each time, it seems to come unexpected and as a proof, that all I really desire comes to me at the right time.
Ever since the first time I arrived here, I fall in love with this place more and more. Each time I leave, I leave a part of my soul here, while I am gifted and blessed with the revelation of my true self at the same time. It’s like a marriage to magnificent spirit of the lake, the mountains and the sacred ground.

This time, I couldn’t believe I’d be back, even though the scheduled travel day came closer and closer. It took me some minutes, standing by the lake until I arrived in the moment. Then, the reliable, heavenly joy came over me.
Before checking into the hostel, I went to Noblesse, my favorite store. They have a large selection of vibrant gemstones. The shop owner brings them from all over the world and I just looove to hold them in my hand, listening and feeling along to their differently beautiful vibrations.
It became my little ritual to first great the lake, when I drop out of the train and then go and pick some stones for my friends and myself šŸ™‚

Enjoy the sunset impression ā¤

May big wings carry you ~~




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