Embracing Connection

As the sun goes up, shadows fade, light is increasing, yet I’m one of the first awake people on this peaceful, rainy sunday morning.
I’m awake for a while already and as I got bored by laying in bed, listening to music and waiting for the day to start, I went out to stand under the roofed entrance of the hostel and listen to the rain and the birds.

It is my last day in Lindau, for this month. And instead of giving myself into despair, I expanded my consciousness to embrace the place. I closed my eyes… there is the small island of Lindau, a train is crossing the bridge to reach the main station… there is the water and the birds and the mountains… there is every drop of rain around me.

I noticed resistance. And I immediately realized why. My past my experiences. Understanding and embracing that it’s only natural that I am the way I am and that I feel the way I feel.
Without going into the details of that what lays behind, I tell you that I realized that I had to decide for myself ‘it is okay to be connected’.

In the end, we and we alone decide what is okay and what not. We and we alone choose what we believe in. Due to my theta healing ® workshop, I’m, once more, consciously discovering my believe patterns, understanding their purpose and rewriting them in a benefitting and self-loving way. This is so easy and yet soo effective. It changes my vibration, it releases traumatic memories and sets me free to embrace myself and life for the divine essence it is.

I decided it’s now safe to give myself to the great unity consciousness, that I came into life with. I’ve learned from the negative experiences I made and from now on it will show me love and synchronicity. I closed my eyes again and sank a bit deeper into the energetic information around me. And I immediately got proofed, I was right.

May big wings carry you ❤


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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