The Illusion of Normal ~ Pole of Stillness * Writer’s Diary #2

Humanity on the streets appears like a shoal of fish to me sometimes. Striving into certain directions, running their errands, as if they were on auto pilot.
I love to exit that rushing flow sometimes, to be a pole of stillness at the side of the passenger zone. All winter, I longed for the warm seasons to arrive, so I could sit down on some random bench and write. Sometimes I sit for a few minutes, until I get uncomfortable and restless, and sometimes I sit for half an hour or longer.
It feels balancing to me. In my thought system, I’m so used to live the illusion of being the opposite of normal, I feel belonging, being the lonesome difference that either peaks out like a broken toe or stays totally unnoticed like something others can’t filter through their perceptions. It’s just what I’ve been told all too often in the past.
But in the Now, the irony is, that all this is just my own perception of myself. I have no clue what other people think, and the past is an outdated dictionary, that would lead to the wrong clues.
I practice to just drop the thoughts, whenever I catch them drawing outdated sketches of what reality is. In this case, what is normal? Normal is same as illusionary as being the opposite. In reality, normal will only ever be an individual perception.
The divine understanding of normal, is what you feel when you feel like being you.
When you are in flow of your life and don’t question anything for a moment, because it all feels just right.

Have a good week ❤


p.s. the to go cup on the pic is a reusable bamboo cup. I’m a lot into sustainable stuff and avoiding plastic lately. It’s inspirational, fun and soo much easier than I thought 🙂



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