Writer | I AM


Hello ❤
I’m Fillandra, 21, german ~ born near the baltic sea, living in Wiesbaden since 2009. Currently participating in an health/healing adviser education in Lindau. ❤

I’m passionate about writing and sharing. I feel my purpose in inspiring and supporting others.
I live an unusual life, following my heart even if my mind can’t understand where we go.
When I speak of unusual, I mean that I take care of my Grandma since about 6 years now, three years every day helping her out in her home, and since she’s in a nursing home, due to a cerebral hemorrhage, since 2013 I do everything she needs help with now.
In 2010 I broke up school, not because I’m lazy and not because I wanted (at first), but because my body striked.
I’m a high sensitive person, I’m a lot but I don’t like to label myself now. I most of all am myself and want to stay that way, I always want to follow my heart, my inner calling – so I continue to see myself when I look in the mirror.
School was trying to tell me I can’t be who I am. I didn’t understand that back then but the pressure caused extreme levels of anxiety in me until I broke and it took me 2 years to recover from this.
Till today I struggle with the collective expectations and the reactions of people. As well as with finding my path. It’s like making every step in the dark, as if I create my future with my very own hands (it feels that physical sometimes).
I feel like the goose at the peak of the flock of birds… I long for people who share the same/similar/completive inner calling, as I might me a pioneer but I feel I belong into a harmonious group of pioneers to find balance and make my vision come true.

Those things are what I share here, along with my philosophy, photography, experiences… I share what I feel inspired to write about. Always meaning to paint it with uplifting and inspiring words into a beautiful written picture. ❤

I say we are the blissful community on here. 🙂 Feel free to share what my writings make you feel, what you think, want to add.. Ask if you want me to write about a certain thing, or if you have a question. I welcome your feedback with love.
All I ask my readers for is to speak with the voice of love and respect, to me as well as to each other.  ðŸ™‚ ❤

Much Love and Inspiration à¥

Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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